Finding Balance

While living in paradise for a couple of months now, I am slowly and gradually shifting my focus towards a more balanced life. To be honest, I do not find it particularly easy. There are almost always waves to surf, nice people to meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner, cruise around or just do other stuff, which is a challenge to resist. But if I really want to stay here I need to get that balance in .

Actually, I came to realize that it is not so different from living back home. It is just the other way around. Where at home we had to find a balance to get more personal time in, over here I have to search for the balance to work a bit and resist the temptation of surfing all day every day. In the end, I know that I will be absolutely fine. I have set an intention to do so and even though I love surfing, I will need to work to ensure my presence in this paradise. I can surf every day, even with a job, so nothing bad with getting some work done on the island of the gods.


Asian Yogis and “my Ego”

It’s been 2 years hopping in Asia-Pacific. Still traveling loads, but Hong Kong has been pretty much my base the last 8 months.
Shortly after my arrival, I joined Pure Yoga. One of the best known studios in Asia. The goal: Continue my practice. I seek for progress and strive, like most of us, to become better. But better at what? Is “better” the right word to use? What am I looking for when I follow a yoga class?

Yoga in Bali

In Asia the yogis are incredibly flexible and bendy. Tripods, splits or hand stands are just regular poses. And it was confronting. The ego was touched. Being an instructor myself made it even more challenging. I could not help feeling slightly insecure. Questioning: Am I ready to “teach in Asia”? And, right afterwards, feeling negative for having those thoughts.
In my mind I know yoga is not about the poses. Neither about becoming super-mega-flexie. Or about holding a handstand for 10′. But still, the reality is, that I felt a chain of negativity due to my competitive ego. Asian yogis have been a great mirror to “that” which I needed to work on most. What I needed to work on was not my poses, I needed to become aware of this competitive side of myself. And since, each day I am letting go of it. I don’t need to compare. I don’t need to be “better than” to feel good about myself.
I practice yoga to become a better person. To unlock the blockages in my body and mind. To be healthy, more balanced and connected.
I feel this has been a gift. And a beautiful yogi lesson. Yoga is about letting go of the ego, loving & being compassionate with yourself and others. Thank you asian yogis!! Namaste.

Yoga in Canada


Tuesday Tunes – Skinny Love (cover)

In Bali there is a lot of talent walking around. While on his wandering surfing journey, Ziggy Alberts came through town and visited and played at our favourite hangouts in Uluwatu. We were just absolutely mesmerised by his voice, guitar skills and overall songs and really wanted to share this cover of Skinny Love (originally from Bon Iver) with you.

If you like his music just as much as we do, go head over to his soundcloud or website.

Loving Judgments

My thoughts have wondered these days. I though about what I returned with from my experience at the silent retreat. It did not take me long to realize what it actually was. This experience has not only given me a new perspective, it gave me a complete new position towards myself and how I treat myself. I am hard for myself, I want to meet expectations that actually no one sets except myself. If I fail, I am ruthless, a big hammer will go through my head and I can mentally hurt myself because I didn’t meet up. But it did not get me anywhere except for a constant feeling of failure as I am not perfect so will always fail.

My experience in the silent retreat has made me look differently at myself. I want to be kind to myself and not be so ridiculously hard & judgmental. I have slowly been able to shift the course of thoughts and realize that I need to be conscious of the negative thoughts and judgments in my head. My goal is to cast loving judgments. Judge them with the idea that it is ok to judge myself as long as I stay kind. By judging myself kindly and loving, I will give myself the opportunity to become the best version of myself, which is what I deserve and truly owe to myself


Small Wings, Big Heart

Leaving Canada. Flying in this Turbo Prop. Its small propellers spinning and will cruise to Vancouver leaving the island life. Compared with the big jets I am used to, this tiny plane made me reflect. We people, are small and insignificant, compared with the size of the universe. But have all the potential to make amazing things happen. Love is sizeless. “Small wings, Big heart.”


Rising In Love

17th of August, 5:30 am, HK Central.

Waking up with a smile and tears in my eyes. I opened the window and breathed deeply. Sunrise in Hong Kong. Feeling blessed and grateful. Sipping a coffee and listening to Legacy. The beautiful voice of Theda Phoenix. Feeling so much love.

Today turning 32 years old. Thinking of mum, sister, dad, family & friends around the world. I miss you. And it’s a good feeling. So far and so close.

Cried & laughed. All at once. Love speaks in smiles & tears. Feeling complete. Today is going to be a blissful day!

Sunrise through the window HK