Extremely Uncomfortable & Ridiculously Necessary

Sweat is dripping down my face, my hands are trembling and general nausea is overwhelming me. I feel extremely uncomfortable. It’s not an awkward comment of a guy, I didn’t flash the entire line up and I have not made a rude comment. Nope, I am beyond uncomfortable because I am changing my old habits. I have a tendency to be the Mother Theresa on the work-floor. “Yes of course, I will pick that up because I am loyal and work hard and love this work”. Except for endless hours in the office, beyond limited personal time and heaps of frustration, that approach never got me anywhere.

Thus I am changing my approach by setting clear boundaries for this new opportunity I am looking into. This is what I will do for you in this amount of time and in return you pay me this. Clear and simple as that. By working on this though, I felt that I was agitated, sweaty and nervous. Thoughts running through my mind: “This is not me, I am super loyal, I will do everything”. But all these symptoms are so uncomfortable because I am changing my old pattern. I am now going after what I deserve by putting a foot on the ground.

So even though this change is extremely uncomfortable, it is even more so ridiculously necessary. I want to receive what I deserve and therefore need to change that old habit of picking everything up and leaving everything out in the open. And I did and I felt relief.  Even more important, there was this amazing feeling of pride.


Let “Results” Go

The magic of happiness happens in the now. Most of us heard at least once: “be present” or “live in the now”…
Well, one of the fundamental parameters of happiness is to let go of the outcome. That means we are doing and acting out of pure love and passion. Not worried or concerned about the results.
Everyday I set this intention. I Really do things because I enjoy them, because I am passionate about them. And I let go of the outcome. It’s liberating. I feel lighter, positive and happy. It’s not something easy, given the way we are conditioned or educated. But it’s surely possible. I encourage you to act-do-say what you really feel-like-enjoy. Be the best you. But not concerned about the result. Just immersed in the present moment… Living with joy and free :)


Tuesday Tunes – Por Ti

We know, we know, you can’t get a song more soft than this one. It is pretty damn cheesy but well, sometimes there are these moments that call for songs like this. And next to this, it is one of the favourites of a best friend. So there you go: Por Ti by Calle 13.

Have an epic Tuesday


Trust The Flow

For a head-person like myself, planning, creating structure and looking at least 5 steps ahead was the way to go. It was the way that made sense to me and felt comfortable and natural. Moving away from my head and let life role into open, unknown and unplanned directions is an extraordinary experience. Completely out of my comfort zone, I now try to follow my heart and even more important trust the flow.

To help me trust that flow, I keep looking back in time. “Which decisions were actually made by planning/structuring and what happened when I let go?” It is a mind-opening exercise as all substantial changes, wishes, experiences occurred when I did let go. I trusted the flow, I trusted myself by setting an intention towards a goal and have complete faith that it will materialize.

Like every transition or change, it is a puzzling transition though. If you are used to use your head, and trust it, letting it all go, feels awkwardly uncomfortable at times. But practice preaches, the more I let go, the more natural it will become. It feels free to trust the flow and ever more so trust myself.


Life is to be Lived

The other day one of my dearest friends from high school sent me this photo. It reminds me of life. Taking chances. Experiencing. Experimenting. In the rain or under the sun. Ups & Downs. Winters & Summers. Growing.
More than 15 years have passed by since our high school times. But surely not forgotten: Our walks to school. Our late nights studying ( and chatting ;) ). Learning English words. Our teacher Chano. Our first nights out. Our first kisses & boyfriends haaa. Our “deep” conversations. And the many many laughs. We were 16 or 17. There were so many things happening & about to happen. Beautiful to look back. It puts a smile on my face. All we have lived and how far we have come.
Time doesn’t wait. Look at the flowers. Growing. Blossoming. Life is to be lived!


Saturday Chronicles with Steph


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