Drive Through Memory Lane

A day to remember. Probably, a day that changed my life. Unreal to realize that while driving on my scooter in the morning, I had no big expectations. My head was empty and I felt excitement. And there I was, she was waiting for me , welcomed me and I completely felt at ease.

A big leather chair, a glass of water, a conversation about my past and off I went. Diving into my subconscious. Tears flooded heavily, emotions drove with 90 miles an hour through memory lane. I was completely aware of my words but I was not conscious. An experience that was surreal but completely realistic. Experiences from my past that made me who I am today. Some of which created huge obstacles and drive my behavior where I do not want to go. We attacked them, emptied the load and made sure that I could start fresh.

I feel refreshed and free of that negative load. I dove into my subconscious with heaps loads of trust and I was more than surprised of the memories that arose. Even one of a 1-year old me came up. Yes 1 years-old, only possible if I was in a state of subconsciousness. We freed the memories of the negative load and it feels empowering. This session allowed me to “heal” those negative imprints, forgive and embrace.

A day to remember. A day where I feel I partially erased and re-booted my hard-drive.


Don’t Take Your Mind Too Serious

This may sound weird to some. But it has been the fundamental pillar for my wellbeing. Today while looking at the palm trees here in Hawaii I felt I needed to share it…

Our Minds are powerful. But they are not the end game. They are not who we are. We tend to identify ourselves with our personality, habits, beliefs, emotions. We think that that is who we are. But, all that, evolves and changes with time. Our emotions change. Our habits change. Our personality change. We can initiate better habits, or more resourceful thought patterns. We can train our minds to experience and live a more positive life. That all is true. But, we are not our minds. We are that constant witness. The observer. The permanent presence. That “awareness” of all those changes happening. We cannot see our eyes, if we happen to be the eyes themselves. This is the same. We are not our minds. And that gives amazing freedom and peace. Why?

1) Because suffering exists just due to the identification to negative thoughts, patterns and emotions.

2) If we observe. If we see it happening. Instead living it and identifying with it. It’s liberating. We are instantly free from it.

I name this action: Disconnecting from the mind by Connecting with the Source: Love

You can call it meditation. Or whatever you like to call it. The most important is that it works. It takes practice, effort and perseverance. We all have access to it. So whenever there is a trigger. Whenever you feel emotions taken over. Look up at the sky. Breath. And observe. Connecting to the source, connecting to love. That is who you are, that is all there is.

Palm Trees in Kauai, Hawaii


What Makes You Feel That Way

There are moments that you want to hold on to because it really made you feel good. Whether it is something that had you crack up with tears from laughter, whether you had one of those goose-bump sunsets or someone just said something really nice. It just really made you feel good. I want to keep remembering those moment and treasure them. And then I found this song remixed by this insanely talented guy Cee-Roo crossed my path. He re-mixed a tune from Blackalicious that just helps me remind to keep remembering those moments. “Make you feel that way” seriously just does that and I can listen to it over and over again. My advice: have a listen and get back to what really makes you feel “that” way.

Tokyo: Curious Eyes, Open Heart

9 hrs to touch Hawaiian ground… I keep on being enchanted with the variety of our world. First time in Tokyo. Stopover. Starting with Sumo at Narita airport. The man seated next to me just told me how ancient sumo is. All the way back to year 250. Now it’s for entertainment. But it was a great deal for people back at that time. Amagoi-zumo was used as petition for rain. And every each element in a fight: the ring, the clothing, the salt, the ropes…Everything has a meaning and an explanation.

Later on I headed to town. Incredible twist of cultures with an unique flavour. Japanese are so different than the rest, and so interesting and special at the same. The colours, sounds & lights of town inspired me. Before embarking on the next flight to Honolulu, I reflected for a while. When you look at the world: events, people, situations, cultures, looks… Do it with curious eyes and an open heart. People are beautiful everywhere you go. No matter where you are, you can always connect & learn something new.
Approach the world with curious eyes and an open heart. A new reality will unfold to you. Beyond differences is unanimity. And, with them, joy to learn within.


Saturday Chronicles with Dot


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All Grows With Love

If you feel afraid, breath love
If you feel insecure, breath love
If you feel rejected, breath love
If you are hurting, breath love
If you feel weak, breath love
If you feel lonely, breath love

You are allowed to feel the way you feel. Allowing those emotions to be there is loving. Don’t fight them, neither react based on them. Just take some time, maybe a couple of minutes, and breath. Breath-in “love”. Focus on your breath. Bring the attention to your heart. Soften.

You are safe. You are loved. I know the mind may tell otherwise. But that is just the mind ;) With love you’ll feel that EVERYTHING grows.

Namaste. Om Ganesha Om

Flinders, Melbourne, Australia


Our Own Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is really like a jigsaw puzzle. You take pieces that are scrambled all over the table and try to find a spot for each one of them. And sometimes you notice, nope this is not working. It might be a piece that can only fit in when you have laid out other pieces or sometimes the piece just does not fit at all. It’s a piece from another puzzle.

My main intention to make this comparison is that sometimes you try to fit something in your life but you are just not ready for it. You need to develop & grow more, lay out more pieces that do fit, before you can start with that particular piece. Some pieces might actually not fit at all, just because you are not destined to do that or should not take that road. The piece of the puzzle belongs somewhere else. I found it particular interesting for myself to keep assessing which pieces make sense and which do not. If they don’t, I will take another path and either will be ready for it later on, or not at all. If they do, that will be the path I will be taking. In the end life is one big jigsaw-puzzle where all pieces will fit in a specific order to make it complete.