See in the Dark

Feeling comfortable when we don’t know what is awaiting for us. Trusting, even when we cannot control what is next. We have learnt how to “see in the dark

Being the best version of yourself is about an action-make-happen mindset. With elements such as commitment and perseverance. But, to make it complete, you gotta see in the dark! And feel at ease with the fact that you cannot control it all. That is part of the ride. Smile and relax!

Photo taken from the ferry Lantau- Hong Kong.


The Backbone of Trust

Either is your mum. Your brother. Your wife. Your best friends. They are the backbone of our trust. They help us “keep moving”. With their love they remind us to trust and believe in ourselves. They help us to “rise after falling”.

Those who stand by your side. Those who encourage you. And those who just, in the distance, are there for you. Like a warm blanket. They help you keep moving. They love you. They trust you. And their trust and love reflects back to you.

Yoga is about love and trust. We came up with this quote, which always encourages to keep moving. “If you fall, just trust. Your loved ones are as close as the ground is”

Nyang Nyang beach, Bali, Indonesia


The Hardware of the Ladder

You know the feeling. You meet someone awesome and feel totally uplifted and energised. Life is full of beautiful randomness. But is truly perfect. Like Delfi, in our past Saturday Chronicles was saying, is all about synchronicity.

Life always throws us the very perfect thing for our growth. It does’t necessarily imply that is going to be pleasant. Sometimes is, sometimes it conveys some pain. But today it was definetely awesome. An amazing conversation, sharing in an honest and real way, with someone you just meet.

Sharing is so empowering. We truly feel gratitude for these encounterings. We love women who are going for her dreams, while encouraging others to do the same. Positive, real and dedicated. That is how we feel connected. We are growing together. That is the collective hardware of the ladder.

Photo taken in Ladder Street, Hong Kong



Looking at Nyang Nyang beach from high up. Breathing deeply. We felt a deep surrendering and peace.

Sometimes our busy head can be overwhelming. Questions, worries, “what if’s”. When we just have to trust our heart. Feeling fear is part of our human condition. It’s needed to keep us safe. When there is “real” danger.

Making decisions, expressing ourselves, changing jobs, moving together, breaking up, buying a house, having children are all things we face in our journey. And will make our “mind” wonder. It’s then when you need to TRUST. Follow that inner intuition. Surrender. There will be voices, thoughts and feelings getting on the way. Worries are disempowering and drainning.
The key is not to fight the fear. The key is to feel the fear but to follow your heart anyways. BREATH in TRUST always.

Photo taken in Nyang Nyang, Indonesia


Saturday Chronicles with Malia

Tales-Wandering-Souls-Saturday-Chronicles-Malia-ManuelMalia is currently on the ASP World Tour and you can follow her wandering journey via all kinds of media:

Check it all out as she is one truly inspiring and beautiful girl.


We have all heard the saying: “Give and you shall receive”. We find there is something “tricky” in this saying. And that is because it comes with expectations. You give expecting to receive. And then it’s not an easy, effortless and spontaneous act. Giving should come from your heart. And it feels good. Otherwise is forceful and may bring negativity not only to the “giver” but also to the “receiver”. We like to use the term “SHARING”, as it implies no separation. We are constantly exchanging energy. Either something tangible or not. If we are open and realise that there is not a real separation, we will be able to trust more. Letting the natural flow of “giving”and “receiving”. Letting go of expectations. Then “giving” becomes something joyful. Then giving feels like sharing. Sharing is Caring.

Photo taken in Bantayan, Philippines