Do Not Look, Just Observe

As far as I have experienced in my life, there is one thing that I have learned over and over again. It is simple and clear: Do not look at others, stay true to you and only just observe others to be inspired.

By being inspired by others you will head towards a goal to become the best version of yourself. And there is simply nothing more beautiful than that. Every human being is different and you will only be misguided if you lead life by looking what other people are doing. You will never be satisfied, as quite honestly you will fail. You will fail, as you are a different person. . Once you stop looking, you will notice that you can really feel what it is where you want to be in life.


Saturday Chronicles with Claire


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Look at your feet, and BE GROUNDED

Today I had such a hectic day, it was like a “3 for 1″. Running from one place to the other in humid and hectic Hong Kong. It’s like a volcanic safari.

Made about 15 phone calls. Had a work meeting. Visited the doctor practice. Did Hot Flow, followed by H-Kore. Facetimed with a couple of friends in Holland. Did some writing. And it  was only after yoga when I looked at my feet and I saw I was wearing 2 different pairs of shoes! I had been walking for more than 3 hours in town without realising :) I took a picture and laughed within…


What a great reminder! When life gets so hectic, we are so much in our heads. Thinking all the time. Forgetting to connect with the body and feel the ground. If we are not grounded, we are way more unstable and weak. Like a feather with the wind. We are not solid. We would be blown away by any bad news or even a small negative incident-comment-discussion. It’s so important to be rooted and grounded. If you are grounded you are way stronger, stable, solid and efficient. And it will give you a great feeling of connection, as you are always connected to the ground :)

This time I am glad the reminder came in this funny form, so I just laughed and said to myself “Steffi you have the feet on the ground, don’t forget that. You are grounded, solid and capable of facing anything in life”

So, if you are too much in the head, and relate to this. Look at your feet once in a while and remember you are connected to the ground, are solid and strong!

The Life We Enjoy Living

This is what we do and what we live for. We travel, we explore, we experience and live life to the fullest. That is what being a wandering soul is all about. It is not something you become, it is not a profession, it is a desire and feeling deeply rooted in our veins. You can not escape it, you have to follow that new adventure that takes you to new places where you meet the most inspiring people.

Have a look yourself at this epic video and don’t be too much misguided by the title. This whole video is about the life we enjoy living.

Eating Slow in Silence

If it is not the silence, the yoga, the mediation or the beautiful surroundings that should draw you to the Bali Silent Retreat, then most definitely the food will keep you strolling down there. At the retreat, food is included and the words “absolutely divine” don’t even do it real justice. All the food is vegetarian and sometimes even vegan. I was actually surprised that I was so amped on breakfast, lunch and dinner time as usually I like my portion of meat or fish.

The philosophy of the food prepared by Chef Simon is super inspirational and fall under the “Slow Food” category. Either the ingredients are grown in the garden of the retreat or bought from local farmers. No ingredient is bought more than four hours away as it will loose its vital vitamins. The food is prepared sustainable, chemicals are avoided and butter, sugar, honey, milk and yoghurt are claimed from the palm trees in the neighbourhood.

While safeguarding this philosophy, they manage to serve these amazing recipes that are not only a catch for the eye but also a treat for your body. Have a look yourself.


Homemade Granola with Indonesian nuts, coconuts shifters and palmtree honey


Raw Apple Pie


Lentil and Javanese Almond Bake


Choose Love, No Fear

Many people ask me what do I mean when I say “Choose Love, No Fear”. Love doesn’t mean you need to fall in love with someone. And fear doesn’t mean you have to be really fearful or scared.

Choosing love means to act-speak-make decisions from a place of truth. When you choose love you are respecting and believing in yourself. When you choose love, you follow your heart.
It sounds like this: ” You may feel fear to go to yoga, but you do it anyway.” “You may feel fear to show your feelings to people who matters, but you speak up anyway.” “You may feel fear to stop the job you have been doing for years, but you change profession anyway.” ” You may feel fear to leave your relationship, but you break up anyway. ” “You may feel fear to leave your home town, but you move anyway.” “You may feel fear to commit and open up with that awesome guy, but you do it anyway.”Choosing love and no fear means to feel the fear, but follow your heart anyway!

Nyang Nyang, Bali, Indonesia



That One Advice

Primary school results were announced and 10-year-old Anne was frantically awaiting hers. My main goal was to become an F16-pilot thus my results had to be good so I could be allowed to this one particular school. My dream got shattered that day as my results were not good enough and when I got home I hid myself in this ”secret” room in a hut made out of matrasses. It was here where my dad taught me one of the biggest lessons when he came search for me.: “Anne, you have this goal, do not let this be taken away from you by this one result. You do not have to follow this main road that was in your head, there are numerous roads that can lead up to where you want to be and what you want to become.”

To this day, I still live by that advice. Over the years I realized though that it was not only 1 advice but actually 3.

  • If you really want to reach a goal, it is yours to grab just as long as you really really want it and your sole focus is to get there.
  • There is not only 1 path that leads to this goal. There are numerous ways to get there. If you focus too much on one route, you can loose your flexibility to adapt if circumstances changes
  • Last but not least, it is actually not always about the goal itself but the journey that leads up to this goal. Look at me graduating law school, build my career in the surf industry and currently live in Bali.

Living by this advice has made me realize how much I am, and everyone is, capable of reaching your goals as long as I remain focused, flexible and open-minded.