The Lucky One

It’s not often that I politically express my feelings. I just think and feel that everyone should have their own opinion even though I consider them to be ignorant, have bad taste or just lack of a minimum level of intelligence. But wow, I am shocked and stunned about the reactions of some of my fellow “westerners” expressed when another boat sunk with hundreds and hundreds of refugees on it searching for freedom and safety. We are the lucky ones.

Shame on you people that judge without compassion:

  • When you book your last-minute holiday to the Costa Del Sol to binge on alcohol where some people need to get on a boat filled with people hoping to arrive somewhere that has running water.
  • When you are unsatisfied with your life after coming back from your boring job, while some people have no house to go home to anymore.
  • When you complain about a little BBQ of your neighbors while someone else needs earplugs to reduce the noise of flying bullets and bombs .
  • When you bring your kid to school, while somebody on the other side of the world has no school to bring their kids to.
  • When you are pretending to look for a job while receiving welfare from your government.
  • When you hassle your way into a bargain excursion, while others had to spend their last money to get on a boat that was already full.

I, and many others, have choices and in principle can live life the way we want. It is shocking to me that people forget how good our life is and randomly express their ignorant opinion where they just have no fokkin’ clue what they are talking about. The opportunities we have, the choices and most importantly the freedom, is something not everyone has. We are not to judge, we are to be compassionate because we are the ones that are born in better circumstances just by pure, plain and simple luck. This is what I will remain telling myself when I witness another mesmerizing sunset in Bali. I am the lucky one.


One Year – One Epic Year

It’s been a year. An entire year, and fuck how fast did that one go, I do not even know where to start.most important was that I failed and got back up, I failed again and got back up again, I laughed my eyes out, I cried those same eyes out as well, I met incredible people and I literally surfed my ass off (even though it was already non-existent). In short, I have never regretted my decision. I love it here, I can be my own entrepreneur, the leader of me and grow my brand. But most importantly, grow as a person. The best version of me, a healthy, happy me.

I am going back home today for a couple of weeks. I have mixed feelings because I just don’t want to leave but on the other hand I just can’t wait to:

  • Meet my little niece Jikke, whom I saw but never met
  • Hug my sis, drink wine and enjoy our awesome conversation in real life
  • Take my other little princess to the beach and search for crabs and shells (and give her her long awaited birthday present)
  • Hug my besties whom I have missed heaps. Finally I can be there in person for them

Life is awesome. It’s an epic continuous journey where I climbed hills & mountains and fell into valleys & ravines this past year. No regrets, only lessons learned. Work hard to play harder. You only have one of it, this thing called life. Looking back is not an option, just head full speed ahead, you never know if you don’t try. See you soon Holland. Will be right back Bali

One Year - One Epic One

Tuesday Tunes – Sunny

This is one should be on your summer playlist. I already loved Ayo but this one tops the list as of this week. While wandering on my scooter through Bali, this song always puts a smile on my face.

Have an awesome Tuesday.


Tuesday Tunes – Beach Please Vol. 2

Spring has arrived and those long warm summer evenings are just around the corner. What better to spend your day on the beach with some awesome tunes. Well, then I might just have the perfect mix for you. I met Dre Morel in Bali and together with his sister, he turns the tables across Vancouver/Whistler, Canada. Their mix is a blend of tropical house that you can listen to for ever and ever. If you do not live on a tropical island already, this will bring you there straight away. So head to their SoundCloud and listen to this 1:30 hr.of pure bliss. Below you find one of our favourite ones.


Focus Focus Focus

My personality likes variety, it wants to be busy, connect and diversity. I hate to be behind a desk all day long and doing one thing. I want to have options. But at the moment I also notice that I might have too much going on. Not complaining though, as there is nothing better than working with palm trees and surf in your backyard. It is more a matter of realising that if you want to do something well, you have to make choices and focus.

Even though, I know I can cope with a couple of projects, I can’t do 6. My lesson these days is really focus. Not being the almost ADHD-running-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-off kind of girl, nope, not that. Focus on those things that are important now, plan forward but not too much as you can not predict what is going to happen. I want to be free, be healthy, live on this island and indulge in the ocean. Soak up sun while driving to get my work done. Meet inspiring people along the way. A new era has started here and can’t wait for the even more awesome things that are going to happen.

Selling Beanies at Mainbreak, Margaret River

The Face of Cambodia

I landed in Cambodia a couple of days ago. Siem Reap has a beautiful energy. I am astonished with the sublime temples. Some more than a thousand years old. Majestic.  And at the same time erected in humble beauty. 

Massive old trees grow intertwined among the stones creating a magic atmosphere. The force of nature prevails and blends with the human ruins of the Khmer empire. I feel a deep sense of peace and connection. That comes from the atmosphere around the temples and nature,  but also from the kindness of their people. Cambodians have gone trough rough times. And that is not too long ago.  No short in struggles, with a recent war and many victims of the land mines. They, however, have a beautiful enery. They are open, patient and kind. I am amazed how they keep up the positive spirit. 

It’s not easy to remain loving and truthful when you are hurt. It’s not easy to remain conpassionate and kind when you suffer. Today, inspired by these beautiful people, I wanted to share this message: Do not get carried away by anger. Do not let hatry lead the way. Pain will come and go. The gift is to remain loving and truthful. In that way we not only help ourselves, but help others following the same path.

Om Shanti Om

Saturday Chronicles with Crispijn

Saturday Chronicles with CrispijnWe really wanted to share the website and Facebook page of Crispijn as they really inspired us, so they might possibly inspire you as well. Check them out below: