Missing While Wandering

When you wander, you undoubtedly will not be as close to your friends and family. Even though technology allows us to connect more and better than 10 years ago, the physical and eye-to-eye-connection with our dearest is not there. After 3 months in Bali we realise that we truly miss them. Our best friends, our sis, brother, parents and not to forget our little precious niece. We miss those that know your truly inside out. One look and they know exactly how you feel. We have met some amazing friends here as well and some of them have become truly valuable and we know that they will stick around for a long long time. But we can’t ignore the feeling of missing these amazing people back home as well.

It’s the pitfall of being a wanderer and all we can do is stay connected and let them know that we think of them and miss them.



Summer Sips

It’s summer in the northen hemisphere. The streets are crowded with happy summery vibes. YAY!
We love the sun!!! We spend plenty of time outdoors playing, swimming, hiking, surfing and doing yoga. And we keep ourselves well hydrated. Lots of water, coconuts and juices.

Here one of our fauvorie combos: Green Heaven & Berry to Go!
- Green Heaven: Apple, Cucumber, Celery & Ginger. Refreshing and super healthy!
- Berry to Go: Strawberries, Blackberries, Milk, Honey & Ice. Sweet, energising & simply delicious!
Keep the sunny vibes, hydrate and try them out :)


Words Create Reality

“The words you use become the temple you live in”. This quote totally resonates within. While looking at this boat in Stanley we reflect on the impact of our words. The ones pronounced. Which have a more tangible impact. And also the words “not pronounced”, those we use inwards. How do you talk to yourself?
Creating an amazing reality starts within. Use kind, encouraging and positive words and see how your reality transforms.


Vegetarian Mocktail Delight

Hong Kong is hot and sticky. Among skyscrappers, rooftops feel like little “edens” in town. We just discovered a new rooftop in Hollywood Rd. Right after hot yoga this mocktail feels incredible! Refreshing, sweet & ice cold. Made with fresh ingredients and lots of cucumber. Super yummie! Lovin’ the hot days in honkoners. Ah!! And if you want to know where this aussie-chinese-fusion rooftop is hidden, don’t hesitate and give us a shout :)


Life is Full of Good Shots

Once again at the Peak. Mesmerizing view. The sky is clear and the lights seem alive. Dancing in the dark. Perfect for an awesome “shot”.
We have had a great moment of clarity. No thoughts, no disturbances. And remembered what “he” told us once: “Life is full of good shots”. And that is so right. When the mind is clear, you realise the amazing opportunities and possibilities that life throws at you. You just gotta be clear, take the chance and make it an awesome shot!

“He” at the Peak in Hong Kong