Don’t assume, E X P E R I E N C E

Each day I appreciate more the new. New situations. New places. New people. And and I welcome the unknown. It was easy to avoid the “perhaps uncomfortable” just by justifying actions with the “because of this-because of that”.
And I realise that the same can happen with people. Assumptions may arise given the way someone acts-speaks-dresses. We are then conditioning ourselves assuming they are “like this-like that”. My conclusion: We are then loosing opportunities to grow.
When we assume instead experiencing , we close the doors to growth.
In order to know something, we gotta experience it. Our beliefs and ideas may be of great value. But when we can live something new or meet someone new, I think we should go for it with an open heart, with an open mind. When we open the door to a new experience. We grow, we expand. Finding new ways and creating the reality we want to live


Peaceful Mindset Situation

Sitting and looking out towards the horizon. The sun slowly dissolves into the ocean. The waves continue to crush against the rocks while people slowly head up to their own houses. This is the best moment of the day. A time to reflect. An instant to have some peace of mind. My thoughts wonder off into different directions and I just let them. I have a diary to document them all but I could not be bothered. It’s good to have these thoughts just float around. They will find there little spot somewhere at sometime. I take my time to create this peaceful mindset. It clears my head so I wake up clearly and allows me to fill it up again with new experiences and impressions.

I truly truly love this moment of the day.



Journey of Decisions

Decisions in life are the journey. You can’t change them and the person that you are and the place where you are at are defined by these decisions. There have been times that I looked back and thought, I wish I had done this or I wish I took that route. That would however change my life completely. The decisions I made brought me exactly where I am right now. This route of decisions was necessary, with its speed-bumps, it’s highs, its lows, the failure and the success. Everything included. This realization makes me feel complete. A wiser person that had a journey of decisions that ended up in paradise with a new wandering journey.

Taking a look at your own journey of decisions will make you realize as well that they all were part of that big picture of where you are and want to be in life, your own exclusive destination.


Deal with “IT” as it happens

Today while strolling around town I kept on watching the faces of people. Just random people walking everywhere in the bussy streets and allies of Hong Kong. I asked myself “what are they thinking”? Happy and relaxed faces were a minority.
I had to reflect on how we spend our time. We work, we go out with friends, we go to the bank, we do the grocceries, we cook, we eat, we exercise, we go to the beach… But, during all that time, “where is your mind at?
Our minds are busy devices bringing us from here to there in our little worlds. From one thought to the other. I wonder how many of those thoughts are actually enhancing our lifestyle. I encourage you to observe your mind’s work. Observe your mind and see what is it up to. How much time do you spend thinking about “possible” & “potential” scenario’s? VS How much time you spend fully engaged in what you are doing?
My own experience taught me that I used to loose lots of energy just by putting my mind on potential scenario’s. And they happened to become worries. Uneccesary pressure. It was drainning. Letting me with less energy and motivation for all the things I love.
When our minds spend half of the time “there” instead “here” our energy levels drop. And, with it, also our happiness. Planning is good, but wondering around with “what if’s” is drainning. So here my motto today: “Deal with “IT” as it happens


Live Your One Life

Life is there to grab. To take everything out of it. To learn, to fail, to get back up and learn again. To be inspired by others and not be envious. Live and be loving with yourself and embrace your imperfections. It is life that throws you into different directions, the people you encounter, the experiences you take in. Each day is a new day to become the best version of yourself. It is about that continuous growth that you live through that makes life so freakin’ awesome.

There is no such thing as a trouble-free life., not even in Bali. I have my own challenges to cope with but I take life as it comes while finding my own direction. I don’t want to dwell in worries about money, future and other superficial stuff. By really staying close to the motto that I only live once, I take every day as a new day. I trust my own capabilities and head forward. You really only live once and if you make sure you do it right by staying true to you, once will definitely be enough.