Is It Weird?

The other day I had this weird crave to write something and this is what came up:

Is it weird to miss someone?

Even though you do not know someone that well.

Is it weird to hold on to something?

Even though you do not know whether it is there

That you feel something is there

Even though you do not know what

That you know that you want to discover it,

Even though you do not know whether it is tangible

Is it weird to miss someone,

That lives mostly in the mind?



Tuesday Tunes – Steam Train

This is a guy that we really did not want you to miss. As you know we are in Margaret River, Australia right now and while enjoying a nice eve at the local tavern we go introduced to this one-man show. Besides Shaun Kirk‘s voice, he is just insanely talented on the harmonica, drum and guitar, and that all at the same time. Hope you enjoy it just as much as we do.

One Awesome Potential

You have heard me talking about letting it all go. But how do you do it? How do I do it? How can you change a planning-structered-what-is-gonna-happen-next girl into a completely-go-with-the-flow person. I have managed, yes I have struggled and still encounter some challenges but I am doing pretty well to be honest.

One way that really helped me to take each day at a time and see where it will bring me is to look at everything as a potential. Not a fact, not a way-how-it-should-go but just a potential. This makes planning superfluous. It gives space for all those awesome things that can, might and/or could happen. I noticed that by embracing this way of looking at my own journey it allows me to really let it go. Yes life is really one epic ride, one awesome potential.


Next, Next, Next, Next… NOW

It seems like we are just in a train. Always looking forward to the next stop. And a destination. Which, when reached, becomes less valuable. And, with time, looses importance. It seems like we are in a 247 train. Always looking for the next. Moving faster and faster. It seems hard for us to realise “It’s never enough”. When is it enough? Perhaps this resonates with you. And you have already come to the conclusion that all those destinations do not bring the ultimate happiness.
It’s really awesome to look forward to things. Trips, Clothes, Jobs, Houses, Pets. It is great to have goals and always be the best we can be. But if we keep being passengers of this train. Where the only mantra is: “next, next, next, destination, next, next, next.” We won’t find real happiness and peace.
Happiness can be found in each moment. Appreciating what we have. Being grateful for our friends. Loving our bodies. Accepting ourselves exactly the way we are. Surrendering in the perfection of every and each moment.
It’s then when every goal becomes a more joyful journey. When every new thing becomes truly a gift.
My mantra today is: NOW
Kauai, Hawaii


Saturday Chronicles with Bonnie


Bonnie has started a “fitspiration” blog on Instagram called @twofithapababes, with one of her best friends Jen. They will be posting exercise circuits, yoga pictures, health tip and motivational boost, so check it out as we really love it!!

The Joy of Just Not Knowing

One of the major lessons I learned and changes I implemented in my life while wandering these past 7 months, is letting “it” go. Not knowing exactly where I go is completely new to me and sometimes quite challenging. Lately though, I realized how many awesome experiences have crossed my path while wandering by just letting it go. Let the momentum be in charge instead of my over-ruling head that thought planning and structure was the way to go.

The joy of just not knowing, the thrill of trusting that everything will actually be all right. That I have a good set of brains on my head that I can count on but most important, a good heart that needs to be followed. Letting “it” go, brings me where I am today and I embrace my epic life with 2 arms (and 4 if I actually had them).


Things Coming Together

A week has almost passed and here I am. I am in Australia. A country I actually never wanted to visit because I was too afraid that I would like it too much and would not want to leave anymore. And I was right. Western Australia is absolute heaven for me. It reminds me of a mixture of Seignosse (France) and Santa Cruz. It is green, it is surf, it is laid-back and it is young. My stay in Bingin was good while it lasted and I realize now that getting of the island of the gods for a while is refreshing. New surroundings, beautiful people and an overall sense that all things come together here.

So here I am, completely new, fresh and full of energy and loving my life. I definitely want to go back to Bali but sure do love it over here and will enjoy every second of it.