Don’t Do What Makes You Unhappy

“Do What Makes You Happy”: Quite the mainstream quote and to be honest it confuses me. When I look at my own life there are so many things and activities that make me happy, there is not 1 specific thing. So I rather turn it around because otherwise my head starts spinning and I end up doing probably nothing because I can’t make a decision. My motto really needs to be: “Don’t do what makes you unhappy”. It makes more sense for me because I will just be left with the good stuff (and heaps of them). For me that entails that I have to stop putting effort into work, people, activities that are just draining energy. Why would I continue to put effort into a relationship or friendship where it actually only comes from 1 side? Why would I continue to work for someone that just makes me feel incapable? I consider myself as being genuine, someone who treats people how I would like to be treated and definitely someone that works hard (and plays harder).

So my decision is to start follow this motto and refuse to do things that take more energy than I get from it. It is enlightening actually, without becoming to poetical. The fact remains that I (and you) are always in control, I control who I hang out with, who I work for and what I do each day. Everyone is different so also each person’s definition of “happiness”. By staying true to your own definition and to what doesn’t make you happy, it feels like a big load of negativity instantly evaporates in this clear blue and sunny sky.

Don't Do What Makes You Unhappy

Don’t Look Back, You Are Not Headed That Way

You learn from your mistakes. I learn from falling, making sure that I forgive and I get back up fast to keep moving forward. The other day I saw this sign and it said: “Don’t look back, you are not headed that way”. I wanted to share this with you as I really believe that we should not dwell over past mistakes or faults. Not yours, not others. We are all humans that make mistakes. Why should you or someone else remind yourself about that mistake or behaviour, it is up to ourselves to move forward. Of course continues behavior that you can’t support is something you should move away from. Either you will need to dive deeper into your motivations and if it comes down to others, just don’t hang out with those people, I would call that a waste of energy. Other than that it is solely how you consider growth and it surely will not occur when you keep running into the opposite direction.

For me it works that way. If I fail to meet my own expectations, it is me that needs to be loving, me that needs to forgive and get back up. Don’t keep reminding myself about something that happened in the past. Trying to become a better person, the best version of myself by looking forward. So once in a while remind yourself, that forward is the direction you want to focus on, because the other way will be a disappointing road.

Wandering forward through Amsterdam

Tuesday Tunes – Teach Me

Thank you Bakermat. Love this song, love the video and what it means. Get out there, grab a couple of waves and remember to keep wandering.

Have an epic Tuesday!!

Tuesday Tunes – Crazy

It’s not very often that I like covers, but surely Daniela Andrade did quite the job with this cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy. My new wake up song.

Have an epic Tuesday.

Tuesday Tunes – Expectations

Sometimes I get introduced to a new artist or song and it literally gives me goosebumps. That’s what I had when a friend played this song the other day. Brika has such a soulful voice that you would expect her to be bigger or maybe even darker. Just pure soul that I love listening to while chilling at home, reading, writing while sitting in a hammock.

Have an epic Tuesday!!


If You Don’t Go, You Don’t Know

One of those mottos that actually works for everything in life as far as you ask me. Whether you are headed to a job every day that you don’t like and flirt with the idea of quitting, whether there is a six ft. wave approaching and you’re overwhelmed by it’s magnitude, or whether there is that someone you like but are in doubt whether it is mutual. If you don’t go you really don’t know.

It is all about taking a risk once in a while. Asking that question: “Will I regret it later on?” Most of the time you will (or at least I do) and in the end what is the worst that can happen: you have to find a new job, get washed and get smashed by a couple of big sets on your head or be rejected by someone. We mainly make the safe decision out of fear, self-doubt and/or insecurity but do you really want these emotions to decide for you where you are headed to in life. Nope, right…?!?

I reckon there are way worse things that can happen than finding a new job, getting smashed or being rejected. Bigger failures were survived and as mentioned quite some times before, you get back up, you will really get back up. The fall will only make you stronger and grow. So I decide to just go, because you never know what can happen: A life on an island, the biggest wave of my life or closer to the person that you really like.

If You Don;t Go, You Don't Know

Tuesday Tunes – Dreamgirl

Friends that do awesome stuff is what we are really keen to promote. Friends that make epic music is stuff you just need to listen to and that’s what I wanted to do today. Pat Smith recently launched his new single “Dreamgirl”. It breathes island-life, summer breezes, surf and cold beers and cocktails. It makes me feel more than just content to be living on the Island of the gods. Check out Pat’s Facebook page as well to stay in the loop of other new tunes that come out.