The Head That Ruled Over The Heart

A random Australian man, around 60 years old and living permanently in Rote, asked to read our hand the last night we stayed in Rote.  Curious as we are, we opened our palm and our mind to what he would tell us. The first thing he said was “ Oh Shit (silence) …where is your heart-line.” In short, he told us what he saw and what we already knew. We have been living with our heads for the last 34 years while neglecting the wishes of our heart. . His observation was an accurate one and a damn confrontational one as well. Even though he was really objective, we felt compassion as he just could not wrap his head around the fact that the girl standing in front of him taught herself from quite a young age to rely on her intellect and her head for her whole life.

The mirror this man held in front of us was something that triggered quite some emotions. However, most important what stayed behind was the confirmation that quitting our jobs and start to really wander and find the road back to what our heart really wants, was the best decision we made in our life. We are exploring, living and feeling more and more each day.  The journey, experience and emotions we go through while wandering is one we treasure, as it feels good, it feels liberating, to just wander. What this man told us validated that feeling of wandering, we are on the right path.

Then, however the question pops up “And now?” Nothing in particular, we think. His words were merely a beautiful confirmation. A confirmation that we choose the right path, that we need to be aware of the fact that our head is a pretty strong one.  If we want to find true happiness though, we have to start learning how our heart wants to live life instead of what our brains want.

We felt blessed to have met this man. Life is a journey and with each experience we grow. Grow to truly become the person that has been hiding inside and let our hearts rule over our head.



We are not lost, we are just wandering. We love to absorb all that surrounds us, inspire and be inspired by others submerged in adventures and occasional happenings that we love to share with you. Our common denominator is yoga, surf and coconuts. That's our playground and it keeps us grounded. Connected with our true selves, growing and being just the person we love to be. Life is a roller-coaster and the trick is to enjoy every ride. Every bit of negative is a positive too as it brings new experiences and connect us with new people or events. We are learning and having fun. We focus on all the good things we find on our journey and be inspired by inspiration in everything we encounter, these are our Tales of the Wandering Souls. On our blog you will find all the categories that we want to share with you: Saturday Chronicles: A returning post where we will discuss Past, Present and Future with awesome people we meet along our journey. People A deeper and more profound conversation that can be in the form of Q&A or a random dialogue. Just because we are always inspired by people that follow their dreams in life. Be You Displays those things that makes us happy. We love to dress up, enjoy cool clothes that makes us feel awesome within the moment. We are evolving and transforming so just BE YOU today, and enjoy what makes you feel at your best. Inspirational We share all those interesting & worth seeing places we find in our path. Quotes & stories we write, words of others, art, tunes, books and everything that can inspire you. Food Who doesn't want to have a yummy meal? We will share our favourite dishes, our own & others… And of course we will give you the full low-down with an easy DIY. Our Playground From Yoga to Surf and do not forget the Coconuts. We love being active while having fun. From poses we enjoy repeating, to favourite breaks and specific excursuses. Our playground is the place where we connect. Our playground can become yours.

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