Withdrawal Symptoms of an Aquaholic

So this suck, this really sucks. A bit more than a week ago, we got completely worked by a huge 5-6 ft set and we hit the reef quite bad. In the beginning it looked like a deep scratch and some smaller cuts that could heal quite fast so we kept on surfing for 3 days. But the last 4-5 days it became a gnarly infection. The foot has swollen up and we are on antibiotic cream to get it fixed. Most important  to let it heal though is…staying out of the water. And for an aquaholic that means after 2-3 days you start showing some real withdrawal symptoms.

  • Frustration: All these perfect waves are rolling in and we can’t ride them.
  • De-hydration: Our body is used to the water, our head wants to get wet.
  • Insomnia: We can’t sleep because there is too much energy in our body that can’t get out.
  • Anxiety: As we are not the best surfer in the world, each day we do not surf we feel like we take a step down on our progression ladder.
  • Lack of energy: Even though there is lots of stuff to do, we are lacking energy to do it.
  • Envious: We noticed that we are building up a “healthy” envy towards others that had an amazing surf sessions.
  • Un-fitness: Our body was paddle & surf ready, we are loosing muscles
  • Overall minor depression: The head just wants to surf and we can’t and that makes us sad

This is definitely just a short list of the symptoms but these pretty much dominate. We keep in mind that patience is a virtue though. By taking care of our wounds and remain patient, we can go back in a couple of days. And of course, there are worse things that can happen. In the end, we are lucky that we are not on a 3 week holiday and can go back nurturing our addiction soon.




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