The Time is NOW

We are again at the airport. Flying back to Hong Kong. Looking at the queue right next to the check-in desk. It’s huge!
We decided to seat down and wait. Savoring “ChockChock” chocolate, balinese organic & raw, perhaps our favorite chocolate in the world 🙂
And our first thought is: “We don’t want to wait”. And a flashback of a conversation in Balangan while staring at the ocean popped up. “We don’t want to wait”. Like if a voice from within was telling us something. It’s not about the queue. We are feeling a rush of energy traveling through our body.


We are ready! There is not time to loose. Manifesting dreams is about DOING! There is not perfect time. Perfection is a disillusioned term, subjective to each persons beliefs. “What does stop us from doing what we feel in our heart?”
We know we are living our dreams. But we also know that, sometimes we have been waiting. It took us too long to act and do things we felt in our heart.
And, “what kept us from moving?”
Well… Just our mind. Our mind is fast finding explanations and arguments to keep us from moving. We wait to feel ready, we wait for the perfect circumstances, we wait because is rainning, we wait because is too crowded. We know how is to feel insecure or lack confidence. We know about the -what if’s-. But, “how long are you able to wait?”

Life is a rollercoaster. And will throw at you challenges anyways. So don’t let “your mind” stop you. We are perfect and always ready for anything we feel in our heart.

Photo taken in Balangan, Bali



We are not lost, we are just wandering. We love to absorb all that surrounds us, inspire and be inspired by others submerged in adventures and occasional happenings that we love to share with you. Our common denominator is yoga, surf and coconuts. That's our playground and it keeps us grounded. Connected with our true selves, growing and being just the person we love to be. Life is a roller-coaster and the trick is to enjoy every ride. Every bit of negative is a positive too as it brings new experiences and connect us with new people or events. We are learning and having fun. We focus on all the good things we find on our journey and be inspired by inspiration in everything we encounter, these are our Tales of the Wandering Souls. On our blog you will find all the categories that we want to share with you: Saturday Chronicles: A returning post where we will discuss Past, Present and Future with awesome people we meet along our journey. People A deeper and more profound conversation that can be in the form of Q&A or a random dialogue. Just because we are always inspired by people that follow their dreams in life. Be You Displays those things that makes us happy. We love to dress up, enjoy cool clothes that makes us feel awesome within the moment. We are evolving and transforming so just BE YOU today, and enjoy what makes you feel at your best. Inspirational We share all those interesting & worth seeing places we find in our path. Quotes & stories we write, words of others, art, tunes, books and everything that can inspire you. Food Who doesn't want to have a yummy meal? We will share our favourite dishes, our own & others… And of course we will give you the full low-down with an easy DIY. Our Playground From Yoga to Surf and do not forget the Coconuts. We love being active while having fun. From poses we enjoy repeating, to favourite breaks and specific excursuses. Our playground is the place where we connect. Our playground can become yours.

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