Be patient, Be there

Sometimes you just gotta “be there”. I, like most of us, have been confronted with frustration. When a parent, close friend or partner seems to be stuck on certain ideas or behaviour. And you cannot have a conversation. Or you just feel like… “Can he not be more open minded?” “Can she stop doing the same thing?” “Why is she always saying this/that?”

I know, it can be difficult. Here, 5 simple tips:

1- Remind yourself: It’s NOT personal
Whatever is said or done, it’s not to offend you.

2 – Don’t try to push anyone to change
We all have our timing. And are on a different process.

3- Develop compassion
If someone is trying to make a point in an “emotional way”. Realise he/she probably feels like defending himself/herself. Which inplies that person feels vulnerable or insecure somewhere inside. So just be compassionate.

4- Be neutrally open while receptive too
Keep on sharing your ideas. But talk in an open and neutral way. Most fights can be avoided if we don’t take positionalities. Or “defend” our opinions. In fact opinions and ideas change. They evolve with time. They are just a product of our mind. They are NOT who we are.

You love them, and they love you. So just be there. You don’t need to agree. No matter what, let them know or make them feel you just there. You love them anyway.
Most of us just want to be heard, just want to be loved.

This photo below was taken in Cortes Island, Canada. The full moon coming up. So beautiful and peaceful. That peace is within all of us.

IMG_5928.JPGCortes Island, Canada


About Steffi

I feel my mission is to teach, inspire and empower others to be the best they can be. My biggest fulfilment is seeing others grow and evolve, going for their dreams and accomplishing their goals. My vision is a world in peace where people are conscious and involved with one another. A joyful world where we are free to learn and experience in order to release our maximum potential. My mottos: *Your life is Your playground *Where there is a will, there is a way *If your mind evolves, your body transforms *Live is to: live, experience, learn, fall, stand up again, enjoy, laugh, play, explore, discover, hug and repeat again... Until the last breath. Namaste everybody

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