Lessons in Paradise

Maldives was definitely one of the shortest and most interesting trips ever…
The natural beauty of the islands. The crystal water, the sharks swimming around your feet, the horizon and the sun melting on the ocean. Majestic. Such a gorgeous place!

However, since we arrived, I was confronted. As a wanderer, I try to be adventurous, and I do not like to book in advance. But in this case, it was not really handy. In the Maldives the whole thing is organised in a way that only a few can access the islands. All the islands are controlled by resorts, and is so pricy. I didn’t like that. I didn’t book or plan either, so ended up doing the whole commercial thing. Being part of a group of holidayers. Following a man with a board. Being welcomed in a group with cocktails. And having a schedule for breakfast-lunch-dinner. My ego didn’t like it. I was like –I can’t believe I am being part of this-. I was being judgemental. Trapped in my mind, stuck on my point. Forgetting the beauty of the surroundings.

It took me relatively short to let go. I accepted it. I had started enjoying the rays and view at the beach…. Suddenly, I felt quite itchy on one if my arms. I looked. I had a bunch of bites. Which, in a matter or hours, multiplied and spread all over my arms and back! Noooo…Bedbugs!!! A few hrs later the itchiness and burn was unbearable. I cried. And I was angry at the same time. I couldn’t believe it –in such a resort, in this commercial trap, and now bedbugs. They were eating up my arms , those little “monsters” !-

Even though, I was in pain, hours later we still went snorkelling. We had a waterproof case for the iPhone, so I thought -let’s take some underwater pictures. I love photos! That will make the day brighter -. The salty water was soothing. The multicoloured fishes and all its funny faces were defenitely uplifting. I started enjoying again. Took many photos. And, after a couple of hours in the water, once on the beach. I was excited to look at the photos! When, all of the sudden, I realised that the waterproof case was broken, and, with it, the phone too! I was in pain. It was a challenge to practice stillness and accept it at this point.

It took me a couple of hours to come to a sense of peace. It was hard to embrace the whole situation. I was ok with the prices -the “so called exclusivity”- the phone… But my arms, those bites were killing me! And I couldn’t fight them. I could not run away. I could not stop it. I looked at the white sand beach and remember… “Peace starts within”.

I was tested. I was faced with a burden. And I could not get rid of it. I looked at all those bites, red, inflamed. This was such a wonderful opportunity! For me to work on acceptance, compassion and patience. Even when being in “paradise”. Now, 5 days later, I feel stronger from within. And also grateful for this Maldives experience. I know life will keep on throwing us challenges in the most unexpected moments -surprise :)- And, I know it’s all for us to grow and be stronger from within.

Sometimes you won’t be able to escape or run away. And we just gotta be loving, patience and compassionate. At the end all happens for our highest good. Namaste everybody!

Here some of the pictures from Embudu Village in the bounty Maldives… 🙂

IMG_1692.JPG IMG_1690.JPG IMG_1691.JPG


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