World Cup Surf North Shore: Assume Nothing

I am walking the road of no assumptions. Those words came up while watching the Word Cup Surfing competition in the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii.

“What is possible – Impossible – Realistic – Logic – Crazy – Too much – Too little – Not for me – That is like this – Like that – etc” is ALWAYS the result of our state of mind at a point in time. I wonder what one of those surfers would say in regards of assumptions and the waves. Predictions, calculations and assumptions aren’t in the ocean field. Surfers playground is in the now, creating an open space for possibilities. Where manoeuvring-adaptability-creativity exist.

I realise how important is to stay open and limitations free. Let me rephrase: “mental-limitations-free”. In this way I know that, at least, I am laying a fair foundation for my playground. Letting doors open to discover, develop or grow.
The ocean is unpredictable. And so is life. And, with the unforeseen, rises excitement. Possibilities. And absolutely NO assumptions!


About Steffi

I feel my mission is to teach, inspire and empower others to be the best they can be. My biggest fulfilment is seeing others grow and evolve, going for their dreams and accomplishing their goals. My vision is a world in peace where people are conscious and involved with one another. A joyful world where we are free to learn and experience in order to release our maximum potential. My mottos: *Your life is Your playground *Where there is a will, there is a way *If your mind evolves, your body transforms *Live is to: live, experience, learn, fall, stand up again, enjoy, laugh, play, explore, discover, hug and repeat again... Until the last breath. Namaste everybody

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