SYNCHRONICITY is NOT what you may think

My last day in Thailand was purely random. I felt a bit restless and I really wanted to do some yoga. I wanted to follow a nice class. I checked the schedules of 4 studios in Rawaii area, south Phuket. Plenty of options -I thought-. I took the scooter and went to the closest one. It happened to be closed. So quickly I decided to drive down to Kata. I was in control, I did my research. It took me about 20′ to get to this Hot Studio. But, surprise surprise, I must have looked wrong the times. There was no class at this time. It really made me wonder. I was certain I knew the class times for the 4 places. I had to rush. I was running out of time. I knew a class was starting in 5 minutes on a studio nearby. Quickly I hopped on the scooter again and started driving. This class was on a hotel roof top, right on a hill. What I didn’t expect is such a steep road. My scooter didn’t make it. Right in the middle of the hill I almost fell and I had to pull over. I was already late, but I still run up. By the time I arrived I was soaked in sweat. I asked at the reception where was the class taking place. Her answer: “Today no yoga“. I was furious!! It was so upsetting. I couldn’t believe it! I was mad because I thought I was not “manifesting”. How can it be I was putting so much effort on something and it wouldn’t work?!? It is really interesting to see ourselves sometimes facing these situations. You try so hard, but still it doesn’t happen. It took me a few minutes to calm down. I reflected. Synchronicity is NOT exactly what we think. It doesn’t mean things roll always the way we want -just perfect-according to our wishes-matching our efforts-.
Synchronicity gives you what YOU need at each moment. And that evening, this is exactly what I needed to face. All that frustration and the restless feeling I had to seat with. Embrace it. Learning how to stand with my own emotions. Not running away. Or escaping.
I relaxed. I let it go. Fine, this is it -I thought-. I asked for the restrooms I wanted to wash my face. While walking up the stairs I saw this beautiful rooftop. Yoga mats. Blocks. Even towels! I was astonished.

I dropped my little bag. I laid down in one of the mats. I cried a little. I laughed a little. And I did a slow yoga practice for 2 hours…. I felt GREAT.
My conclusion is not, yeah at the end, I managed to do a yoga class. The conclusion is not: “at the end you get what you want”. What you want and what you need is different.
All this enable me to observe my emotions. My thoughts. Seating with uncomfortable feelings. Releasing them without escaping. These situations made us stronger. The trigger here was a simple yoga class. But it can happen with anything. At the end is all about learning about ourselves. Dealing with our emotions. Accepting circumstances. Embracing “for real” what comes into our paths: making us real warriors. We are “Love Warriors”!
Big love to all ❤
Rawaii, Phuket, Thailand


About Steffi

I feel my mission is to teach, inspire and empower others to be the best they can be. My biggest fulfilment is seeing others grow and evolve, going for their dreams and accomplishing their goals. My vision is a world in peace where people are conscious and involved with one another. A joyful world where we are free to learn and experience in order to release our maximum potential. My mottos: *Your life is Your playground *Where there is a will, there is a way *If your mind evolves, your body transforms *Live is to: live, experience, learn, fall, stand up again, enjoy, laugh, play, explore, discover, hug and repeat again... Until the last breath. Namaste everybody

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