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Don’t Try To Fight A War with a Kitchen Knife

When I was 11, I wrote a letter to myself. At 18, I accidently bumped into it and it was literally the most hilarious and scariest thing I had read. Hilarious, because my language was still an 11-year old that did not even hit puberty yet, scary because it displayed the expectations I had to meet up to. In detail, it elaborated on what I should have accomplished over those 7 years: which school I had to have gone to and graduated from, which instruments I should have played, which basketball team and our achievements, which boys I had to have met, the friends I should still have and left, countries I should have seen and the list went on and on for 2 whole pages.

That I had high-demands of myself really did not come falling out of the sky.  Living with such expectations though is trying to fight a war with a kitchen knife. It is a lost cause, you will get hurt, it will not get you anywhere and it will certainly not help you realize those dreams. So for me it was letting go of what my head kept on telling me over the years. Start listening to where my heart wants to go. Unfortunately for me, this heart of mine speaks a combination of Chinese-Indian-Sanskrit and sign language. Understanding and listening to what I really wanted thus appeared to be quite the frustrating time-consuming effort. Next to that, the conversation with my heart was pretty uncomfortable because the voice in my head had been my comrade for ages. It felt abandoned so it started screaming and ranting just to be heard.

But shifting the balance and really feel what I really wanted to do instead of what I can do, should do, must do, was and the biggest relief. It makes me almost uncomfortably at ease of where I am at right now. My head gives me advice and then I consult whether my heart and my feelings agree with it or whether it talks complete B.S. It helps me get into that direction I need to head into. Of course, I am not perfect, I still can be pretty harsh on myself and have some unforgiving mind-fucks that can last for a couple, it has lost its dominance though. That voice is still a friend that helps me to work hard, chase dreams, live hard, not complain, jump valleys and laugh at myself, it is just not my knight in shining armor anymore.

My Road of Possibilities

Life is to be Lived

The other day one of my dearest friends from high school sent me this photo. It reminds me of life. Taking chances. Experiencing. Experimenting. In the rain or under the sun. Ups & Downs. Winters & Summers. Growing.
More than 15 years have passed by since our high school times. But surely not forgotten: Our walks to school. Our late nights studying ( and chatting 😉 ). Learning English words. Our teacher Chano. Our first nights out. Our first kisses & boyfriends haaa. Our “deep” conversations. And the many many laughs. We were 16 or 17. There were so many things happening & about to happen. Beautiful to look back. It puts a smile on my face. All we have lived and how far we have come.
Time doesn’t wait. Look at the flowers. Growing. Blossoming. Life is to be lived!



I love it when my friends follow their own path and start a business that truly inspires them and do what they love doing. And that is exactly what Viola did, following her heart by creating something absolutely beautiful. KATNKOE, a Dutch brand of exclusive leather yoga-bags and meditation-cushions. All styles are handmade right in the heart of Amsterdam by the Viola herself so you are sure that you get your own unique piece.


Check out her website and facebook page for all additional info on these truly amazing items that you do not want to miss in your closet.


Are You a Free Spirit? Discover the amazing Emonk Ibiza Boots…

We absolutely love EMONK! While browsing we came across these boots and fell in love. The design, colours, originality and uniqueness of this brand are totally an eye catcher!!! SUPER INSPIRING! YAY


It cannot be otherwise, the creators of this brand are 2 wanderers Leo & Vir. After traveling around the world and tasting different cultures they felt inspired to create their cross-culture lifestyle brand: EMONK! The free, adventurous spirit is captured on these boots. They look incredibly comfi, the perfect wandering boots, we are looking forward to walking on them, excited to continue our journey living our dreams!!


Right after seeing those boots, our beautiful friend Claire Vosse, popped in our mind! We have seen her many times wearing feathers on her hair and remember always her cool style! Claire is a real free spirit, bubbly and seeker of truth. And guess what… She is the image of EMONK!!! And that is just a random coincidence 🙂 YAY


If you  love the amazing style of EMONK and feel inspired, click here and check their website!

BE YOU & Keep on wandering ALWAYS!


Lovin’ Suen Noaj new shop in Ubud

Again in Ubud and, yeah just discovered the new shop of Suen Noaj! Our favorite clothing store in Ubud. The fun and original designs & colours make us feel HAPPY!



Fun, different, happy, beachy, sunny… Check their new shop! And enjoy the clothes 🙂 Lovin’ wandering wearing these awesome items! Discover them or follow them on Facebook


Our New Addition

When you surf and are a girl, you want to make sure your bikini stays on, really stays on. Not the worry to pull back your pants after duck-diving the bigger sets, no boobs flying out after you wipe out, you want to concentrate on the waves and not flashing the line up. So a couple of weeks back we found this cute little brand called OY Surf Apparel. Since then this bikini has stuck with us throughout every surf session and actually stayed on. No broken promises, we are now free of unwanted naked skin flying around.

But of course, we want to have some variety in our closet as well, so we decided to go and order a new one. We just absolutely love the combo of technical surfwear with these feminine (and sexy) colors that makes you feel the most gorgeous girl on the beach.


Next Saturday you can get some more details on the girl behind OY Surf Apparel in our Saturday Chronicles.