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T-Rex by Surf and Chocolate

Do you remember Anne Myrte from Surf and Chocolate, whom we featured in Saturday Chronicles a couple of weeks ago? Well, Surf and Chocolate just launched a new hand printed Tee, T-Rex, we absolutely had to share with you.


So if you like it just as much as we do, go order yourself (or your boyfriend/brother/nephew/or someone else) one of these beauties over here.





Stay True To You

A couple of years back, one of us decided to take a tattoo. A tattoo that tells and reminds us that we should always be true to who you are. It is written in Dutch and literally it says: “I love myself”. Questions are asked whether we really need to remind us of that, and we think we do. Life can get distracting. Whether it is at work in the office, or even in the ocean, during a yoga session or at a party. You can be distracted by external factors and ask more from yourself than YOU actually want or need at that moment.

We feel that we should always follow our heart, stay true to our own paths and choices…stay true to ourselves.






We L O V E our new yoga gear…

Today we have received our new yoga gear! Super comfi & light leggings, perfect for this hot and humid days. We love the prints, super cute! No attachment, and fully aware. Really grateful. Feeling really excited to wear them and hit the mad today. YAY!

Ah! The pink & grey one with the skulls is from Onzie, and the other two from Teeki. We simply love these sustainable, high quality and fun brands!



The Loveliest Surf Bikini – OY Surf Apparel

Each girl that surfs knows how difficult it is to buy a bikini that actually stays on while you duck-dive or get washed. Well, we just found this amazing brand OY Surf Apparel and they make the best surf bikini’s ever. Besides the ones you can buy on the website, if you are in Bali there is also an opportunity to customise your own.

So we treated ourselves on a metallic grey and fluor orange/pink. They are reversible so if we feel like being bright and shiny the bikini will be all fluor. The bottom is also reversible and has the cutest fit. Check it out:


Check out their website and their Facebook-page for the full low-down on this brand and to order your own of course.

DICK MOBY: An independent, sustainable and positive SUNGLASSES brand

We love DICK MOBY sunnies for its cool style and its vision: “A future where high quality and sustainability are inseparable”

Dick Moby was founded in May 2013 by Tim Holland & Robbert Wefers Bettink. Two creative young designers & entrepeneurs who have been surfing and sailing and have a common denominator: A passion for design and fashion & a love for the ocean and nature!


“Look good, do good” 10% of their revenue will be used for a great project with the Surfrider Foundation to clean up plastic waste from beaches worldwide!

In their words: “plastic really is great. It’s here to stay and way too valuable to end up at the bottom of the ocean. We should start seeing plastic for what it really is: a resource that can be used over and over again”

Check out DICK MOBY website to order a new pair of awesome sunnies for your next adventure or follow their FB page


BARE made – As Unique As You

If you are looking for a brand that defines the word “wanderer”, BARE pretty much covers it all. The BARE Burlap Collection actually all started with a gift. A gift of the father of one of the founders, Grason Ratowsky. He received a burlap coffee sack, and this piece inspired him as each sack seemed to have its own life. He travelled, endeavoured, experienced, failed and succeeded where throughout his journey, he remained open to all adventures that life brought to him. With this gift and inspiration he reached out to his friend and other co-founder of BARE, Justin Biel, and since then it all took off.


Justin & Grason

The BARE Burlap Collection is created from organic coffee bean sacks that are durable and go beyond modern-day design as each bag will have its own story just because each bag has lived a different life. We love BARE’s philosophy and really wanted to share it as it fits our view on life perfectly: “BARE is a life dedicated to breaking the mold. BARE drives exploration and innovation. BARE realises that each of us is entirely unique & innately individual and celebrates this singular. Beautiful authenticity. No 2 BARE pieces are ever the same.”.

We can only support this message, so just grab one of those awesome bags that is one of a kind and take it one of your wandering journeys. You can check out their website or FB-page to stay in touch with all that they are up to.


    Image    Image

Clockwise: Salento Reversible Tote,  Coban Foldover Clutch & Oaxaca Duffel

AMIKA Hairdo Bar: Be you, just like you feel today!

At Amika you don’t only go for your hair. You go to connect, have some fun and be creative! Chilling, chatting & drinking champagne while getting a new look for the day! We love it and think you should give it a try. Let’s have a crazy hairdo day yay!


Read more on their website or fb page and feel the way you wanna feel!