Saturday Chronicles

Saturday Chronicles with Crispijn

Saturday Chronicles with CrispijnWe really wanted to share the website and Facebook page of Crispijn as they really inspired us, so they might possibly inspire you as well. Check them out below:


Saturday Chronicles with Jaimy

Jaimy is a wandering soul that crosses oceans and conquers mountains by following her heart. If you want to follow this amazing journey you can connect with her through Facebook.


Saturday Chronicles with Lizzie

Feel free to connect with Lizzie. Or come and meet her in one of her wonderful classes. She is teaching Hatha, Hot Flow, Restorative, Yin-Yang, Power, Yin Yoga at Centrium Pure Yoga…

Saturday Chronicles with Marie-Helene


MH is such a legend that we really invite you to follow here on Facebook.  She will keep on her wandering journey either competing, consulting elite athletes or going on adventures across the world.

Saturday Chronicles with Yani


Yani is working on projects on spirituality and wellbeing: graphic design, communications & project management. And doing Shambhala & Reiki. You can connect with her here:

Saturday Chronicles with Anne


Oh My is an awesome initiative so go check out their website and Facebook-page to stay tuned on all the good stuff, new recipes or if you want to book a workshop. Next to that her freelance writing career is also going really well. Check out her website to have a look at the projects she has been working on or to just book her for a projects yourself.

Saturday Chronicles with Dominique


As you read, Dominique is wandering quite a bit, if you keen to follow her adventures check out her Facebook. And if you are ever in Holland and want to stay a couple of night on Texel, have a look at the hotel and restaurant of her parents over here. It’s right on the beach and just the perfect getaway.