Confrontation Necesitas

Normally, I am the kind of person that is pretty straight forward when people treat me bad. Literally, if you stab me in the back, if you screw me over or if you take advantage of my loyalty, you are out. I will confront you, get it out of my system and then you are out. It works well for me because, I just do not want and need people in my life that are not genuine. I treat people the way I would like to be treated, it’s an expectation that I find reasonable within friendships and even business relations. Over the past years I did become a bit more forgiving though. Every one is only human and should deserve a 2nd chance. Fuck, I also need 2nd chances sometimes. Nevertheless, there is always a scar and memory in the back of my head, so regaining real trust is not working out that well.

A couple of months ago, I got ripped off really badly, I trusted someone and in some way I was a bit naïve, but surely I never expected to be treated like I was. Once it happened and there was no communication anymore, just because the person in question did not reply anymore, I first just walked away. His actions had quite a bit of impact though, I felt horrible just because I never was able to confront him. He just got away with it. 1 week ago I saw that he was in his office and in the blur of the moment, I turned my bike around and just went in. It was the best feeling ever, to just get it out. To tell him how he fucked up and fucked me over, to see how he felt cornered and maybe/probably even ambushed. It solved my own feelings ,where I blamed myself for the situation he brought me into. It was eating away in my mind and just because of that confrontation I was able to put the whole occurrence in the closet, throw the key away and move forward. Cheers to confrontations and just get it out there, try it yourself.


Bali Silent Retreat – Grateful, Blessed and Confrontational

Just imagine a place where you can breath, think, read, write, walk, and just be in absolute silence. A place actually less than three hours away from Uluwatu. Well, that is the place we just returned from.



It is hard to start to describe this beautiful, amazing and confrontational experience. But we feel grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity. To be able to absorb all that surrounds us in this serene environment in a brain-crunching silence. We definitely had our difficult moments but overall we feel a more balanced person. Ready for our next phase of wandering in Bali.

We have practiced yoga more than our body could actually handle. We have meditated for the first time in our life and boy was that confrontational. We wrote, we walked a jungle path, we experienced a labyrinth mediation. We had a fire ceremony with full moon and we slept a lot. What we did not foresee is how tired one can get when you do not talk. The loads of conversations and thoughts that cross your mind and are not going anywhere. And all of this in absolute paradise with absolutely divine food and wonderful staff.

In the next few weeks you will read more posts about our experiences at the Bali Silent Retreat but one thing we can definitely say: If you have a chance to visit, you owe it to yourself to go there. Just for you and to deepen your thoughts, yor path and in the end yourself.

Here some additional pics of where we stayed:


Our dormitory with our bed in the left corner


One of the beautiful paths that lead to the Bale (Yoga and Meditation space)


Hard-working women (and men) on site