Saturday Chronicles with Malia

Tales-Wandering-Souls-Saturday-Chronicles-Malia-ManuelMalia is currently on the ASP World Tour and you can follow her wandering journey via all kinds of media:

Check it all out as she is one truly inspiring and beautiful girl.

T-Rex by Surf and Chocolate

Do you remember Anne Myrte from Surf and Chocolate, whom we featured in Saturday Chronicles a couple of weeks ago? Well, Surf and Chocolate just launched a new hand printed Tee, T-Rex, we absolutely had to share with you.


So if you like it just as much as we do, go order yourself (or your boyfriend/brother/nephew/or someone else) one of these beauties over here.




Saturday Chronicles with Anne Myrte

Tales-Wandering-Souls-Saturday-Chronicles-Anne-MyrteIf you are just as stoked about Anne Myrte’s brand as we are, you can follow (and order) “Surf and Chocolate” via several ways, go check it out:

Anne Myrte also as an awesome Instagram account with black/white images only. Check Joons Journal over here.

The Loveliest Surf Bikini – OY Surf Apparel

Each girl that surfs knows how difficult it is to buy a bikini that actually stays on while you duck-dive or get washed. Well, we just found this amazing brand OY Surf Apparel and they make the best surf bikini’s ever. Besides the ones you can buy on the website, if you are in Bali there is also an opportunity to customise your own.

So we treated ourselves on a metallic grey and fluor orange/pink. They are reversible so if we feel like being bright and shiny the bikini will be all fluor. The bottom is also reversible and has the cutest fit. Check it out:


Check out their website and their Facebook-page for the full low-down on this brand and to order your own of course.

DICK MOBY: An independent, sustainable and positive SUNGLASSES brand

We love DICK MOBY sunnies for its cool style and its vision: “A future where high quality and sustainability are inseparable”

Dick Moby was founded in May 2013 by Tim Holland & Robbert Wefers Bettink. Two creative young designers & entrepeneurs who have been surfing and sailing and have a common denominator: A passion for design and fashion & a love for the ocean and nature!


“Look good, do good” 10% of their revenue will be used for a great project with the Surfrider Foundation to clean up plastic waste from beaches worldwide!

In their words: “plastic really is great. It’s here to stay and way too valuable to end up at the bottom of the ocean. We should start seeing plastic for what it really is: a resource that can be used over and over again”

Check out DICK MOBY website to order a new pair of awesome sunnies for your next adventure or follow their FB page