Is It Weird?

The other day I had this weird crave to write something and this is what came up:

Is it weird to miss someone?

Even though you do not know someone that well.

Is it weird to hold on to something?

Even though you do not know whether it is there

That you feel something is there

Even though you do not know what

That you know that you want to discover it,

Even though you do not know whether it is tangible

Is it weird to miss someone,

That lives mostly in the mind?




Let “Results” Go

The magic of happiness happens in the now. Most of us heard at least once: “be present” or “live in the now”…
Well, one of the fundamental parameters of happiness is to let go of the outcome. That means we are doing and acting out of pure love and passion. Not worried or concerned about the results.
Everyday I set this intention. I Really do things because I enjoy them, because I am passionate about them. And I let go of the outcome. It’s liberating. I feel lighter, positive and happy. It’s not something easy, given the way we are conditioned or educated. But it’s surely possible. I encourage you to act-do-say what you really feel-like-enjoy. Be the best you. But not concerned about the result. Just immersed in the present moment… Living with joy and free 🙂


The Utopia of Security

The decision to quit our jobs and start wandering was an easy one. It came straight from our heart and if we would not have made it we know that we would have ended up miserably un-happy. While wandering on our new journey though, we are confronted with something that actually completely contradicts the definition of wandering. We feel that our head is searching for security.

While digging through our mind, we realized that this security is actually surfacing when we are confronted with our insecurities. These insecurities are deeply rooted in our head, unfortunately you can’t just throw them away in the dustbin. In the past, we disguised these insecurities by chasing security and structure, where now we are jus full-on confronted . And what do you do when  you are confronted with your insecurities, you resort to your old habits. But this security is a utopia; there is really no such thing as being secure. No one, really no one, knows what will happen today or tomorrow. You can loose your job, a loved one, get ill, who knows what life has in store for you. By chasing security you withhold yourself from truly living. And even though it feels pretty uncomfortable at times, as your insecurities are bare-naked exposed, we rather live life in reality and feel insecure then searching in a world with non-existing security.


Insecurities Exposed

It is funny how life works. You are born and just live your life. You go to high school, do sports, go to Law School, graduate, apply for a job and all of a sudden you are 34 for years-old with a career and life has just been a continuous path of milestones. Then this random guy in Rote confirms (or maybe even emphasizes) what you already knew: “Where is your heart?” “Where does you heart take you instead of your head?”. Since that moment we have been more and more conscious of what happens inside and what we noticed is that, next to feeling more liberated, we are also more exposed to our insecurities. The head was just always there to analyze doubts, failure, pain and even happiness. We were always looking for a solution to make these insecurities disappear. By letting go of the security and safety or our intellect, these insecurities are not protected anymore.

So now they are out in the open, we know we do not want to abandon them. At times it has been pretty confrontational but we leave it with that. Let the insecurities for what they are and believe in the fact that we will just be ok. The intellect will always be there and we embrace that. They are just not overruling anymore. We deal with our insecurities on a different level and don’t try to think too much of them, especially not judge them anymore. And in the end we notice that this allows us to let the heart rule more over the head.



Our New Addition

When you surf and are a girl, you want to make sure your bikini stays on, really stays on. Not the worry to pull back your pants after duck-diving the bigger sets, no boobs flying out after you wipe out, you want to concentrate on the waves and not flashing the line up. So a couple of weeks back we found this cute little brand called OY Surf Apparel. Since then this bikini has stuck with us throughout every surf session and actually stayed on. No broken promises, we are now free of unwanted naked skin flying around.

But of course, we want to have some variety in our closet as well, so we decided to go and order a new one. We just absolutely love the combo of technical surfwear with these feminine (and sexy) colors that makes you feel the most gorgeous girl on the beach.


Next Saturday you can get some more details on the girl behind OY Surf Apparel in our Saturday Chronicles.