High school

Life is to be Lived

The other day one of my dearest friends from high school sent me this photo. It reminds me of life. Taking chances. Experiencing. Experimenting. In the rain or under the sun. Ups & Downs. Winters & Summers. Growing.
More than 15 years have passed by since our high school times. But surely not forgotten: Our walks to school. Our late nights studying ( and chatting 😉 ). Learning English words. Our teacher Chano. Our first nights out. Our first kisses & boyfriends haaa. Our “deep” conversations. And the many many laughs. We were 16 or 17. There were so many things happening & about to happen. Beautiful to look back. It puts a smile on my face. All we have lived and how far we have come.
Time doesn’t wait. Look at the flowers. Growing. Blossoming. Life is to be lived!