Saturday Chronicles with Jaimy

Jaimy is a wandering soul that crosses oceans and conquers mountains by following her heart. If you want to follow this amazing journey you can connect with her through Facebook.



Saturday Chronicles with Yani


Yani is working on projects on spirituality and wellbeing: graphic design, communications & project management. And doing Shambhala & Reiki. You can connect with her here:

Saturday Chronicles with Anne


Oh My is an awesome initiative so go check out their website and Facebook-page to stay tuned on all the good stuff, new recipes or if you want to book a workshop. Next to that her freelance writing career is also going really well. Check out her website www.annedezeeuw.com to have a look at the projects she has been working on or to just book her for a projects yourself.

Saturday Chronicles with Suzanne


Suzanne is on an amazing wandering journey while based in Bali. If you’re keen to follow her adventures, go check out her Facebook-page


I love it when my friends follow their own path and start a business that truly inspires them and do what they love doing. And that is exactly what Viola did, following her heart by creating something absolutely beautiful. KATNKOE, a Dutch brand of exclusive leather yoga-bags and meditation-cushions. All styles are handmade right in the heart of Amsterdam by the Viola herself so you are sure that you get your own unique piece.


Check out her website and facebook page for all additional info on these truly amazing items that you do not want to miss in your closet.


Flowers a grounded example

When looking at all these flowers we got absorbed by beauty. The time seems not to pass by when you look at them – we thought –
There is no past, no future. The stay present and remain still. They In the same spot, blooming and showing us their beauty. Thet are not scared of storms, rain or someone running over them. They don’t fight, escape or protect themseves. There is no fear. It’s like if they were telling themselves “everything is alright” and “everything will be alright”. Like if they understand a profound perfection on the present moment. And only then they can shine their light.


Handmade, Timeless & Unique: MONOCRAFFT jewelry

This is not just a jewelry label and pretty accessories. The creations are alive. And we absolutely love the amazing patterns and designs. Merrel was a top model and now an inspiring designer. She dared to follow her passion and Monocrafft is the realization of her dream.


Handmade, Minimalistic and Timeless 
Merrel words: 
“Inspired by patterns, shadows and architecture I will
create and realise my dream.”


For more information check the website or Monocrafft fb page and enjoy!