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Inspiration & Wandering Soul Pur Sang

It’s Throwing-It Back-Tuesday-time. I wanted to just dedicate this post to my partner-in-crime Steffie. We started TWS to share our wandering adventures a bit more than a 1 ½ year ago. Heaps has changed since that more-than-a-year, but we are where we need to be, where we want to be.

Steffie you are an inspiration to many, i am definitely not the only one. You have managed to set up your own Rooftop-yoga classes in Hong Kong  and encourage & coach people to live the life they deserve. The life they dream of but feel to restricted to live.. That is a present for those that cross you on their path. For me you are 1 huge inspiration, and that will never change wherever our journeys take us. We have our common grounds, our souls, our passions. For us it will definitely include Yoga, Surf and Coconuts. We both want to become the best versions of ourselves, different paths, different journeys, different challenges, and hey…we are growing as human beings and more and more happy at the place where we are today.

Steffie, love ya to the moon and back!! You’re a wandering soul pur sang and try to get everything out of each day. What I treasure most is the fact that we accept our differences, that we are both on this different journey called life. Fuck yeah, how awesome is that. That I have friends like you around me that accept you as being you and support you to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest. Love ya and wish you everything you wish for.

The Wandering Souls



Saturday Chronicles with Lizzie

Feel free to connect with Lizzie. Or come and meet her in one of her wonderful classes. She is teaching Hatha, Hot Flow, Restorative, Yin-Yang, Power, Yin Yoga at Centrium Pure Yoga…

Empty the Sleepy Head

Right before I left to Bali, one of my best friends gave me this awesome book called “The Artist’s Way” written by Julia Cameron. Without writing down a whole review about this book, I wanted to share one major take-out, I got from it. 

The book describes a method how you can really start the day as fresh and empty as possible. Most people wake up, and start thinking straight away. What to eat for breakfast, that dreadful meeting at work, a difficult conversation with your other half, you name it,. Most of the time it is not positive and you end up dragging these thoughts along the entire day. So what this book encourages you to do is write 3 pages in your diary or agenda, or whatever you want to write in/on). It is not about what you write but that you write, that you empty that sleepy head. To really start fresh instead of starting to worry immediately about responsibilities, challenges and the notorious to-do-list. As you know I write quite a lot but mostly when I really just feel like it. But when I started this “ exercise, I found that it really helped me. It helped to really start fresh with no judgments, thoughts, insecurities or anything else. Those were already written down on paper so the rest of the day is there to have new stuff walking in your.


Dirty Feet

An intense and certainly super interesting year has passed by. Full of adventure. Surprises. Big ups. Big downs. Changes. Meetings. And overall full of lessons and great growth.
Was it always easy? No, it wasn’t. I think, at this point, we can be honest, speak from the heart… It was not always easy. This is life.
We cannot expect to come out clean and all neat after each and every experience. When you take chances. When you try things. You will fall, you may get dirty. And that is ok.
If you want to stay immaculate. You can stay in the same place. Hang out with the same people. Do the same things. That is also ok. But believe me, even then, things will happen. And you gotta be ready for it. Ready to get dirty. Ready to reset and start again.
At the end, it is not about getting dirty or not. It’s about not being afraid of it. Do what your heart is calling for. Take chances if you feel you need to. And if you get dirty, hey, clean up those feet and keep on walking again 🙂
Mui Wo, Lantau, Hong Kong


Pure Goodness

I started the day with some goodness. Savouring this yummie juice. You literally feel your body is truly liking it. Feeling energised and refreshed before starting my last yoga session of the year. Up in the roof top. It’s sunny here in Hong Kong. The sky is blue. And this juice feels like pure goodness on this last day of the year… Make sure you have some goodness for your body, mind & soul…

Ingredients for 2-3 glasses:

– Half a Pineapple
– 2 Oranges
– 3 Apples
– 6 Leaves of Mint
– 1 heaping teaspoon of Turmeric
– 1/4 Lemon
– A tiny bit of Ginger

Enjoy the love ❤


The Wheel Of Choices

Many people ask me. How do you cope with stress? Do you meditate? Do you do yoga? Do you detach? Well… Yes, I do all that. But sometimes it’s just a matter of choosing. Choosing one thought over another.
Today while strolling in sunny Hong Kong I saw the big ferris wheel again. I had to think of this. The wheel of choices. Even when we don’t have time to meditate. Or practice yoga. We can always choose. Look at the wheel and imagine each cabin is a different thought. Which thoughts are you gonna choose today?
Be Happy. Be You.
Hong Kong Pier


Saturday Chronicles with Bonnie


Bonnie has started a “fitspiration” blog on Instagram called @twofithapababes, with one of her best friends Jen. They will be posting exercise circuits, yoga pictures, health tip and motivational boost, so check it out as we really love it!!