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Are You a Free Spirit? Discover the amazing Emonk Ibiza Boots…

We absolutely love EMONK! While browsing we came across these boots and fell in love. The design, colours, originality and uniqueness of this brand are totally an eye catcher!!! SUPER INSPIRING! YAY


It cannot be otherwise, the creators of this brand are 2 wanderers Leo & Vir. After traveling around the world and tasting different cultures they felt inspired to create their cross-culture lifestyle brand: EMONK! The free, adventurous spirit is captured on these boots. They look incredibly comfi, the perfect wandering boots, we are looking forward to walking on them, excited to continue our journey living our dreams!!


Right after seeing those boots, our beautiful friend Claire Vosse, popped in our mind! We have seen her many times wearing feathers on her hair and remember always her cool style! Claire is a real free spirit, bubbly and seeker of truth. And guess what… She is the image of EMONK!!! And that is just a random coincidence 🙂 YAY


If you  love the amazing style of EMONK and feel inspired, click here and check their website!

BE YOU & Keep on wandering ALWAYS!