Life is to be Lived

The other day one of my dearest friends from high school sent me this photo. It reminds me of life. Taking chances. Experiencing. Experimenting. In the rain or under the sun. Ups & Downs. Winters & Summers. Growing.
More than 15 years have passed by since our high school times. But surely not forgotten: Our walks to school. Our late nights studying ( and chatting 😉 ). Learning English words. Our teacher Chano. Our first nights out. Our first kisses & boyfriends haaa. Our “deep” conversations. And the many many laughs. We were 16 or 17. There were so many things happening & about to happen. Beautiful to look back. It puts a smile on my face. All we have lived and how far we have come.
Time doesn’t wait. Look at the flowers. Growing. Blossoming. Life is to be lived!


Salute The Changes

New environments are always exciting and sometimes even scary. You wonder whether you made the right decision, have to adapt, be open and welcome new experiences with no prejudice. Changing things for me was a step towards a better living environment. My goals in Bali are not to remain in a holiday mode. With people coming and going and with one main goal: surfing, I noticed I got side tracked. I needed a change.

As of yesterday I changed it all around. I moved from Uluwatu to Bingin. I live in a house with a roommate, have my own living space and a shared living room and kitchen. Next to that I live 20 meters from the ocean. Most important for me though, is that I have this truly inspiring person I get to live with. She is here for the exact same reason and has been here for a while already. Besides being an awesome friend, she inspires me to stay focused. The initial fear of leaving the place I lived at for almost 6 months has evaporated. There is only pure excitement. By saluting all the changes, I notice that I am even more open for what crosses my path.