Tuesday Tunes – Sunshine

The is one of those island-life songs that everyone needs to have stacked in there iPod (or iPhone or Pad, whatever). Spending this last week on this deserted island with little of internet, this music makes me dance and ready to go surf, clean the beach, hunt for coconuts in smaller palm trees and enjoy this epic life I am living. Flight Facilities has a bunch of other song that I love but this one is definitely the one that captures the mood and life I am living right now.

Enjoy this epic Tuesday!!



Tuesday Tunes – We Are Your Friends

JUSTICE, damn I could really not pick my favourite but this one probably tops the list. It gives me goose-bups because where are you without friends. I am blessed to have many and can surround myself with some really really really good friends. Those that listen, those that give advice, those that are there whatever happens. Some a bit further away than preferred, some close. Old friends and new friends, those you are still getting to know but even more so but nonetheless value heaps. So therefore this song for the Tuesday Tunes, because friends are really really awesome!!

Saturday Chronicles with Dominique


As you read, Dominique is wandering quite a bit, if you keen to follow her adventures check out her Facebook. And if you are ever in Holland and want to stay a couple of night on Texel, have a look at the hotel and restaurant of her parents over here. It’s right on the beach and just the perfect getaway.

The Power of Girls

This will not be a feminist rant about girl power and how girls can be underrated or get paid less than the guys. I don’t like to dwell on that stuff too much. This is a post about how girls can empower each other. The era we live in is already pretty harsh and confrontational on its own and each time it surprises me how girls make it harder for each other. Guys don’t gossip about each other, girls do. Guys are not so judgmental on each other, girls are. And why do we do that? We make each others life more complicated and judgmental than it already is.

The other day I shared the most beautiful sunset and experience with 2 new friends. And amongst other stuff, we celebrated the fact that on this small island, we really felt connected. Girls that I only met a couple of weeks ago but time has no value over here. It feels awesome to have these solid genuine girls around me to chat with, to surf with and to just randomly hang out with.  We are the personification of the power of girls that, instead of judging, connect, inspire and learn from each other to become the best versions of ourselves.