Real Life Eat-Pray-Love-story

And then I just finish my meet-and-more-than-great with a metaphysical massage-therapist and sit on my bike and am struck by an Einstein-like Eureka moment: “I am really just like Julia Roberts”. This could be an Anna-meets-Eat-Prey-Love. Even though, I might not be working my push-bike through Ubud, this experience comes pretty damn close to it. And how contradictive is it that I have always been super judgmental to all those that go to Ubud “to find themselves.” Judging that there are only over-aged American women, looking for a healer that help these ladies pull their life back into awesomeness without the hard-work. Really, that is how I looked (maybe still look) at it. No Spirit-festival for me, I can’t handle that, but who am I in the end. If it suits you. if you become a better version of yourself while doing that stuff that I don’t like or can’t handle, go for it!!

While being in Bali for a bit, it became apparent to me how black and white the journey can be. You either dive into spiritualism, be vegan, do yoga, hug some trees, ride an occasional ankle-snapper wave and practice the new alternative of ashtanga, or you dive into that surf & party mode with drugs, alcohol, sex, and repeat that aforementioned. The island is becoming difficult if you try to balance that shit into the grey area. But that grey area is there, I know some epic humans who have succeeded and it is probably the best of both worlds.

So, I try to leap into that grey-space. I love to dive into the party zone, enjoy myself, laugh until my jaws hurt, dance my ass off and just have genuine fun. On the other hand though, I love to surf and clean and clear my head, enrich myself, test different mediums to challenge myself and my short-comings (yes, I have come to realize that I really do have them) and to feed myself with healthy food. So it is in the end somewhat of a Eat-Pray-Love roadtrip for me. Probably, I will not be meeting my future Brazilian husband on this island but I definitely already met several Ketuts. This is the island where both is possible, maybe even everything And that is epic to realize. I am in a space where really everything is possible, I am in charge so just keep bringing it on. Do the same is all I would recommend: Find your Eat-Pray-Love-Roadtrip.






Saturday Chronicles with Crispijn

Saturday Chronicles with CrispijnWe really wanted to share the website and Facebook page of Crispijn as they really inspired us, so they might possibly inspire you as well. Check them out below:

Mountain Meditation

Finishing the day on the mat. “I am a mountain…”. Doing a mountain meditation. We remain seated, grounded, strong, majestic, untouchable. Just like a mountain. Mountains are faced with huge storms, streams, winds, people who like to walk them-or not, tourists who like them-or dislike them, sun, clouds, all type of weather conditions. They remain in the same place, untouchable, grounded, strong. By developing mindfulness we become like mountains. We’ll face storms, emotional crisis, sadness, grief, pain. As well as sunny days, joy, laughter, love. We’ll embrace it all. We’ll witness it. Becoming the observer. Developing this awareness. We are the mountain.
Feeling blessed. Seating still. Closing the day with the sounds of “I am a mountain”… Wishing you all a wonderful night and a deep sleep. Om Shanti Om.

Rising high. Possibilities go beyond our Minds.


Breath in, breath out. Find power in the stillness



I love it when my friends follow their own path and start a business that truly inspires them and do what they love doing. And that is exactly what Viola did, following her heart by creating something absolutely beautiful. KATNKOE, a Dutch brand of exclusive leather yoga-bags and meditation-cushions. All styles are handmade right in the heart of Amsterdam by the Viola herself so you are sure that you get your own unique piece.


Check out her website and facebook page for all additional info on these truly amazing items that you do not want to miss in your closet.


EveryDay a New Chance

Today I woke up clear. Sleeping is like a reset. The best meditation. Worries or stresses of the day before either dissappear, or feel way lighter. And this was one of my first thoughts “Everyday is a new chance“.

No matter what happened yesterday. No matter what has been occurring for months. No matter the decision you took a month ago. No matter what you said 2 years ago. No matter if you weren’t as productive. No matter if you didn’t speak up.

Today is a new day to make things happen. To say what you want to say. To try something different. To ring that friend you didn’t see in such a long time. To say sorry. To give a hug. To eat healthier. To say thank you. To sport more.

Bring your attention to “what you can do today” and “not to what happened yesterday”. It’s in today where the power lies. Be present and smile.

Dreamland, Bali, Indonesia


Eating Slow in Silence

If it is not the silence, the yoga, the mediation or the beautiful surroundings that should draw you to the Bali Silent Retreat, then most definitely the food will keep you strolling down there. At the retreat, food is included and the words “absolutely divine” don’t even do it real justice. All the food is vegetarian and sometimes even vegan. I was actually surprised that I was so amped on breakfast, lunch and dinner time as usually I like my portion of meat or fish.

The philosophy of the food prepared by Chef Simon is super inspirational and fall under the “Slow Food” category. Either the ingredients are grown in the garden of the retreat or bought from local farmers. No ingredient is bought more than four hours away as it will loose its vital vitamins. The food is prepared sustainable, chemicals are avoided and butter, sugar, honey, milk and yoghurt are claimed from the palm trees in the neighbourhood.

While safeguarding this philosophy, they manage to serve these amazing recipes that are not only a catch for the eye but also a treat for your body. Have a look yourself.


Homemade Granola with Indonesian nuts, coconuts shifters and palmtree honey


Raw Apple Pie


Lentil and Javanese Almond Bake


Removal Of All Obstacles

During our stay in the Silent Retreat something happened that I wanted to share. It was Sunday morning and I attended yoga class at 7:00. Our yoga-teacher wanted to dedicate the class to the Hindu God Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, as it was full moon that night. The moment she shared this, it hit quite deep. Not that I have a numerous amount of obstacles in my life that need removal, but just like any other human being on this earth, I have my insecurities and bottle-necks that I want to conquer. As the yoga class started and continued, this thought repeatedly went through my mind.

That same evening the retreat organized a fire ceremony. This ceremony was beautiful because of its simplicity. Each attendee was asked to write down all the negative thoughts, emotions, experiences, encounters or any other negativity on paper. Simply just all the stuff you want to get rid off. As the fire in the metal pot in the middle of the circle of people was lid and we all started chanting, each person would step up whenever they felt like and throw their paper into the pot. A symbol to remove these negative things out of our lives as the full moon lit strongly above us. Where this experience already made a deep impression on me, it was actually the next morning that struck me most. As I wandered along the paths at 6 am in the morning, I sat down in this wooden hut. I tilted my head and looked into the sky where the sun was just about to rise. For the last 4 days I never saw the sun while it rose due to the clouds, but this day, it broke through the clouds and was beaming right at me. As a sign that my inner thoughts and conversations were heard and that it was ok. At this moment I actually had difficulty not starting to cry, as it was insanely symbolical and beautiful. To make that day complete, as I walked towards the Bale to attend my last yoga practice, I looked to my left and this mesmerizing full rainbow appeared out of nowhere, which felt as a confirmation that I had done what I came for. I was at ease and ready to go home.