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In a nutshell, according to the standard old-fashioned way of how lives should be lived, I probably, most definitely, am way off track. Where my friends from Uni are trying to get their 4th kid out of diapers, I try to get barreled. Where they are thinking about 300m2 houses to accommodate the kids, the 2 cars, the jacuzzi, the trampoline and of course the dog, I live in a shared house without any hot water. Where they think about pensions, I calculated that I have enough money until I die, but then that should actually happen next Wednesday. My decision to choose the word old-fashioned is not completely fair though. It is their way of how they want to live their life, what they feel comfortable with, which values they have and what their priorities are. My priorities and needs just take a 360 degree different view on it.

For a 36-year old though, what most intrigues me though is relationships. Not only because each freakin’ day there is someone wondering why I am still single. It is mainly that I don’t understand why I witness relationships that in my opinion would not be worth sitting in. Just and only for the sake of being in a relationship, these couples just stay together and annoy the f%^# out of each other. Even though I also see relationships that do work really well and are inspirational for me, I feel for those that stay together because their fear of being alone is bigger than the hassle of the daily adaptation to someone that they do not love completely

The time has passed that I thought that I did not deserve love and I was “un-loveable”. That there was always someone better, prettier, faster, more intelligent or anything else with more or –er in front of it. I do believe that love in its most pure and natural form is out there for me. My needs are not far-fetched, I want somebody that knows he wants to be with me with all that comes with it. However I pass for just anybody. I know what I want but more importantly I know what I need. Not only for relationships but for my life as a whole. My needs are to be grounded & balanced, have an amazing time, if someone connects with me and wants to join me on this journey, come and join me. If not, I am happy to continue by myself.

So, even though I am where I am and my life does not meet perfect on that “old-fashioned”-view on the relationship-scale. I am more than content. I am surrounded by amazingly inspiring friends (some close some further away), I work hard, I smile, stay healthy, surf and try to be the best version of me. There is no biological clock that is capable to take that away from me or detour me with thoughts that I should do anything differently. Because I believe that stuff (yes just really stuff) happens for a reason. That we are on this earth just to follow the path that it has lined up for us and mine just doesn’t direct me into a boring relationship settling for less just because I hit an age where I am supposed to ensure that I don’t miss the family-boat. With my full soul, I believe that, that somebody is there. It will only not be just anybody.


Inspiration & Wandering Soul Pur Sang

It’s Throwing-It Back-Tuesday-time. I wanted to just dedicate this post to my partner-in-crime Steffie. We started TWS to share our wandering adventures a bit more than a 1 ½ year ago. Heaps has changed since that more-than-a-year, but we are where we need to be, where we want to be.

Steffie you are an inspiration to many, i am definitely not the only one. You have managed to set up your own Rooftop-yoga classes in Hong Kong  and encourage & coach people to live the life they deserve. The life they dream of but feel to restricted to live.. That is a present for those that cross you on their path. For me you are 1 huge inspiration, and that will never change wherever our journeys take us. We have our common grounds, our souls, our passions. For us it will definitely include Yoga, Surf and Coconuts. We both want to become the best versions of ourselves, different paths, different journeys, different challenges, and hey…we are growing as human beings and more and more happy at the place where we are today.

Steffie, love ya to the moon and back!! You’re a wandering soul pur sang and try to get everything out of each day. What I treasure most is the fact that we accept our differences, that we are both on this different journey called life. Fuck yeah, how awesome is that. That I have friends like you around me that accept you as being you and support you to follow your dreams and live life to the fullest. Love ya and wish you everything you wish for.

The Wandering Souls


My Road of Possibilities

The other day, I mentioned that everything is coming together: work, my health, where I want to stay in Bali, my own brand Reckon. But in all honesty, Reckon is my passion project, I want to pursue this passion but it is something that will take time. Which I have but I also need to be realistic, you need money as it needs investments. BFREE allows me to reach out to people amongst me that are either looking to run their own business and gain some financial independence or who are looking to be healthier. It allows me to do this from anywhere in the world. It is connecting and introducing like-minded souls to what I have been up to and they can become a part of it as well

Someone said the other day: You are turning friends into business, but everyone who knows me, knows that I am a genuine, authentic soul. I hate selling,, in whole honesty, I suck at it. I am just sharing my view on it. If you want to join me on this journey, I salute you, if you are not interested, I salute you to. That’s it.

My entire journey has been an endless road of possibilities and I noticed that I am needed to make solid choices and set priority. That means a little less surfing, but still 4 days a week for at least 2 hours. Something I never had at home. So be careful what you wish for guys, you might just get it.

My Road of Possibilities


Today, I realized that a bit more than 1 year ago I handed over my resignation letter to my former employer. With pure astonishment the HR-manager looked at me, she did not see this coming. I left all security, all financial stability and structure behind to start live my dream. Today I realized I am really living it.

Everything is coming together for me in Bali. I have recently joined an amazing team of health and wellness professionals and I am super stoked. Stoked that I can live a life, without sitting behind a desk, being surrounded by incredibly inspiring people who are healthy, wealthy and super ambitious. My chapter has begun and I am sure this will be a pretty damn good one. I am living my life with the motto that I deserve to live the healthiest and happiest life and for me that means that I want to surf as much as possible. But I also want to learn and be creative. The step I took to join the BFREE-team was a no-brainer. I am here to stay and literally live my dream and be free and be well. Check out bfreebwell.com or just reach out to me if you are inspired and want to talk about your possibilities (and I know there are) to do the same. Everything is possible and reckon I am a pretty good example.



Re-defining Growth

For me, growth was always defined as knowing your path, achieving a goal and growing towards that. Physically but even more mentally. To experience what life throws at you while reaching a certain goal. My experience in Australia taught me a big lesson though. Sometimes growth is not about knowing where you want to go but more about knowing where you do NOT want to go. For me it was as simple as that. The expression “you are a product of the 5 people you spend the most time with” is one I believe in. And I had (and have) one amazing friend who was there and is one of the most genuine and inspiring souls I have met and some other really good and fun people. Unfortunately I choose to be surrounded by others as well and the scale didn’t balance out to the good side. So I needed to re-define growth. Learning, falling, standing up and sometimes realizing, the time, place and you are just not coming together. That you deserve better than what you have put yourself into. I feel that I have grown immensely in Australia. Ready to head back to Bali and start this new chapter. Not the last but definitely a new one. I strive to become the best version of myself and Australia has just exactly done that for me.

My question for you would be? How would you define growth?

Back in Bali (Bingin)


Life happens for you, Not to you

It’s early in the afternoon. I missed the ferry. And sat down at the pier watching the ocean. While waiting for the next boat to bring me to Hong Kong island. I had about half an hour.
I caught myself upset. And minutes later I had this realisation “life happens for you, and not to you”. I let go of the little frustration. Realising everything happens for us to be better. Most important is to embrace where we are at. And choose to create and make happen some magic. If you have dreams, it’s time to manifest them! There is no time to loose, no ferry to blame 😉 if you want to make things happen just use all the resources you have to create some dam-magic! And meanwhile enjoy the ride YaY!
Rawaii, Thailand


Is it a problem?

Today I’ve skyped with a friend. She lives in Hawaii. Last time I saw her was the last year November. And the months have flown by. Wowzers. A lot has happened since. We talked about life decisions, relocation, partnerships and some of the challenges that come with it. Of course we did talk about exciting plans and it was a boost of energy. Grateful technology allows us to talk like this.
After our conversation. I thought about what we call “problems”. I reflected on this word… Realising actually that what we call problems they are not as such. They appear to be because we make the choice to see them as problems. That explains how we all consider different things to be “problematic”. That I run 10′ late into the office can mean nothing to me. To you maybe it’s a big deal. To other is a monster stressor. This is a simple example. But, the matter of the fact is, we choose our problems. We choose to see it as such. Generally due to our conditioning and beliefs. Hey, not saying, it’s all easy. Life can get taught. But here a bit of light. And uplifting inspiration to ponder on…
If anything today is stressing you out… Ask yourself… Is it really a problem?
Peace to all ❤

Going down was not easy… Looking forward to the next! YAY @ Niseko, Japan