That Feeling

That feeling of not knowing where you are going to end up, not knowing who you are going to meet (and whether you will understand them), the anticipation of something new.

That feeling of the unexpected, the unknown and letting-go. That is what wandering is to me. Either alone or with a bunch of friends. That feeling of adventure and uncertainty. Taking the jump into this ocean of possibilities and being flexible, yup you always need flexibility. Trusting my core instincts that helped me out on numerous occasions: Stranded with my single person tent at the Chobe river in Botswana in the late afternoon, being lost in down-town LA, flat tires in the middle of Namibian desert, hanging with oil-sheiks on a really big boat in Ibiza and being held under by a (for me) monstrous wave. My instincts were always right to trust that everything in the end will be all right

That feeling of not knowing what is hid around the corner and wanting, really wanting to find out what is out there, is a feeling that I have had since I was born. It will not leave me, it is stuck and deeply rooted in my being. That feeling makes me addicted to travelling, wandering and exploring. Meeting new inspiring people, inhaling a new culture, watching insanely beautiful sunsets from the ocean while surfing incredible waves.

That feeling is something I will strive for over and over again

That feeling is my life.


Back Home: Kauai

I am not from Kauai. Neither from any of the other Hawaiian islands. However I feel like “at home”.
I was born in Spain. And left about 12 years ago, from which, since graduated, I spent traveling and wandering in the highest sense of the word. In a random way, and without parental influence or role models. Personal growth, for me, has been very much linked to travels, wandering & connecting with people and cultures. I know what it is to feel “home-sick” or, at least, I have felt sometimes that empty feeling-lack of security- loneliness. I questioned a lot the meaning of “feeling home”. Maybe you, specially as a wanderer, know what I am referring too…
I normally associated “feeling home” with “love”. And realised that, when having beautiful connections, friendships, relationships: I feel love therefore I feel home. And this is pretty much one of our core values too. Tales of the Wandering Souls is about creating connection. Inspiring. Encouraging and keeping one another connected while following our dreams. Because dreams are much easier to follow when feeling connected. And the web gives us that opportunity to share, talk & express. Even when we haven’t physically met.
Since a few months I am realising love can be found almost anywhere. Even when we are physically alone. Looking at the gorgeous nature, breathing pure air, contemplating the ocean. I have started feeling home almost everywhere I go. It’s just that feeling of joy, peace, inner contentment. And the realisation we are safe and loved always.
Today I had a wonderful evening strolling in the nature. Kauai mountains, waterfalls, trees, beaches. Such a lush! I feel home, just right here, right where I am. Grateful.