Healthy Human

Lately, I have been diving more and more into food and then mainly nutrition. I want to make sure that my body gets what it needs, what it desires and what it helps to perform. People that really know me, know I am not the foodie, I drink Coke, I smoke, I like a nice glass of wine.In general though, it is a functional “exercise” for me to nurture myself in the “healthiest way” so it allows me to surf, feel energised/well and again surf. Of course, I eat what I like but I am the kind of person that can eat the same thing week after week, just because it serves me well and I can’t be too bothered.

What I have noticed though is that there is quite a health-mania going on and to start with, it confuses the hell out of me. One day, soy milk is the best thing you can squall down and the other day it is somewhere close to the illegal-narcotics lists. This confusion aside, the most important realisation has been, how people literally create this direct link between diet/food/exercise and being healthy. And I just think that is not the truth. Health is not a stand alone state of being. It covers more than just food and exercise, it is definitely physical but it includes a whole lot of psychological as well.

In my opinion smashing down goji-berries, quinoa, spirulina and raw food while flushing it down with coconut water, will not make you the healthiest person on this planet (note that I do all of the above). There is always a psychological aspect that is a big part of being “healthy”. Again, I am the last person that would disagree that food and eating healthy are a main part of being healthy and eventually happy. But I really dislike the single focus on this.I believe that being healthy in a physical way wil not immediately make you healthy and happy in your head.

You and I will not become only healthy people just by becoming a doppelganger of a fitness model that eats raw and exercises more than a normal person can fit in their calendar. First of all you don’t know them. Secondly, you don’t know how they sleep, their worries, their despairs and their struggles..They might be the healthiest in terms of fat-percentage but the unhappiest in personal, sociological development. I know people that are the healthiest on paper but the unhappiest in real life. And the other way around, I also know people drinking, smoking, not exercising and all that would be forbidden on the how-to-be-healthy-check-list but they will probably outlive the ones that have to run into the gym every day. Of course, I also know heaps of people in between.

This post is not to distribute a negative demeanor about being healthy in the physical aspect of it, I crave exercise and am actually not the most smiliest person if I have not surfed for 3 days in a row.  I really just wanted to share that it is really not all about exercise and food, it is about the total package. You have to figure out how you can be healthy, both physical as psychological because if you only take care of one and neglect the other your total healthiness will pull the shortest string.

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My Healthy & Happy Place


Not My Body

I can not stop thinking how my head can keep telling me things that are just not true. One of the things, and I know that heaps of girls have the same thoughts, is that you think that you are bigger than you are. And yes, I know also heaps of guys do not have any freaking idea where these thoughts come from and have difficulty understanding it. It is a phenomenon where your feelings are being translated to something more tangible, which is the way you look. There are not a lot of women that will admit it and tell it like I am doing right now, just because it is a bit of a taboo. You say that you feel big instead of that you feel unhappy or sad. If I say that I feel big, I am not allowed to because I weigh 60 kilos and am fit: I am supposed to feel great, be happy and not complain. But to say it bluntly: It is not about the fact that I AM big, I FEEL that way. If you do not feel good or are lost, your mind can have these extreme almost super-natural powers that make you feel bigger and “wobblier”. Your head is playing a mind-game that can genuinely feel quite real. The question is though, why do I say that I feel big and not say that I am not really happy? (yes this is what all the guys wonder)

It is somewhat of a struggle for me sometimes, especially in a situation where I do not feel settled and restless. I do not have a lot of time to surf to clear my mind, which is not particular helpful to get rid of “those” thoughts. I had a moment where I literally just blew up, I just felt myself grow bigger. Putting on my pants told me different but my head had difficulty to get rid of the thought. What helped me is taking a step back. Literally analyzing what was happening and write it away, make beanies, head to the beach and have a stroll. I just have to tell my mind differently in an almost theoretical way, where I create counter-thoughts and proof that it is not the reality. I really wanted to write this down for a while. Share my experience, as I really know that many girls have this “struggle” or these “thoughts” and also for all the guys that read this post, to understand that it is not about the physical but more the psychological.



Pre-Silence Predictions – Day 1

As we will be in a silent retreat for 4 days as of Thursday, we decided to write 4 post pre-silent retreat on how we think these days will be. Once we returned, we will get back to you on our experience. So, here we go:

On Thursday mid-afternoon, we arrive in Tabanan. We feel excitement, anxiety and curiosity on what awaits us. This day is probably a mellow day where we will be tired from the long trip up North. If we arrive in time, we will most definitely join the yoga practice, have dinner and sleep. This silent day, even though it is only a half day is probably going to be the easiest on.