Real Life Eat-Pray-Love-story

And then I just finish my meet-and-more-than-great with a metaphysical massage-therapist and sit on my bike and am struck by an Einstein-like Eureka moment: “I am really just like Julia Roberts”. This could be an Anna-meets-Eat-Prey-Love. Even though, I might not be working my push-bike through Ubud, this experience comes pretty damn close to it. And how contradictive is it that I have always been super judgmental to all those that go to Ubud “to find themselves.” Judging that there are only over-aged American women, looking for a healer that help these ladies pull their life back into awesomeness without the hard-work. Really, that is how I looked (maybe still look) at it. No Spirit-festival for me, I can’t handle that, but who am I in the end. If it suits you. if you become a better version of yourself while doing that stuff that I don’t like or can’t handle, go for it!!

While being in Bali for a bit, it became apparent to me how black and white the journey can be. You either dive into spiritualism, be vegan, do yoga, hug some trees, ride an occasional ankle-snapper wave and practice the new alternative of ashtanga, or you dive into that surf & party mode with drugs, alcohol, sex, and repeat that aforementioned. The island is becoming difficult if you try to balance that shit into the grey area. But that grey area is there, I know some epic humans who have succeeded and it is probably the best of both worlds.

So, I try to leap into that grey-space. I love to dive into the party zone, enjoy myself, laugh until my jaws hurt, dance my ass off and just have genuine fun. On the other hand though, I love to surf and clean and clear my head, enrich myself, test different mediums to challenge myself and my short-comings (yes, I have come to realize that I really do have them) and to feed myself with healthy food. So it is in the end somewhat of a Eat-Pray-Love roadtrip for me. Probably, I will not be meeting my future Brazilian husband on this island but I definitely already met several Ketuts. This is the island where both is possible, maybe even everything And that is epic to realize. I am in a space where really everything is possible, I am in charge so just keep bringing it on. Do the same is all I would recommend: Find your Eat-Pray-Love-Roadtrip.






Saturday Chronicles with Julie


Julie will continue wandering. After Bali she will first head to Western Australia and then off to South America. If you are inspired or just want to connect with her, you can check out her Facebook.

Lovin’ Suen Noaj new shop in Ubud

Again in Ubud and, yeah just discovered the new shop of Suen Noaj! Our favorite clothing store in Ubud. The fun and original designs & colours make us feel HAPPY!



Fun, different, happy, beachy, sunny… Check their new shop! And enjoy the clothes 🙂 Lovin’ wandering wearing these awesome items! Discover them or follow them on Facebook

No Limits, When Fear Is Left Behind

Today we went early to the pool to practice inversions. When we are too much in our heads, we go upside down.
Inversions help us be grounded, then all the attention goes to the present moment. There is no past, no future. We stop our minds. Thoughts disappear. And we also have fun!

If you catch yourself being too much in your head or worrying… Remember you can manifest anything on your life if you let go of fear. Don’t let fear guide you. See love. Let love lead the way.


Photo taken this morning in Ubud, Bali.

What is the I N T E N T I O N behind it?

By setting intentions we become more aware and loving to ourseves and others. By setting intentions we get closer to our dreams.

Today we had an amazing Vinyasa session with Bex at Yoga Barn. And it made us reflect. In yoga we set an intention at the beginning of each class. And, as we go along poses, we observe and feel our body and mind. We become aware of what we are doing with our body and where we want to get.

But it’s only when we leave the studio that we really get the chance of “practicing yoga”.

Asking ourselves the intention of our actions. What is behind the things we say, behind the things we do?

Understanding our intentions allows us to be aware of who we are, where we are going and where we want to get. It keeps us grounded in the direction of our goals, in the direction of our dreams.