In a nutshell, according to the standard old-fashioned way of how lives should be lived, I probably, most definitely, am way off track. Where my friends from Uni are trying to get their 4th kid out of diapers, I try to get barreled. Where they are thinking about 300m2 houses to accommodate the kids, the 2 cars, the jacuzzi, the trampoline and of course the dog, I live in a shared house without any hot water. Where they think about pensions, I calculated that I have enough money until I die, but then that should actually happen next Wednesday. My decision to choose the word old-fashioned is not completely fair though. It is their way of how they want to live their life, what they feel comfortable with, which values they have and what their priorities are. My priorities and needs just take a 360 degree different view on it.

For a 36-year old though, what most intrigues me though is relationships. Not only because each freakin’ day there is someone wondering why I am still single. It is mainly that I don’t understand why I witness relationships that in my opinion would not be worth sitting in. Just and only for the sake of being in a relationship, these couples just stay together and annoy the f%^# out of each other. Even though I also see relationships that do work really well and are inspirational for me, I feel for those that stay together because their fear of being alone is bigger than the hassle of the daily adaptation to someone that they do not love completely

The time has passed that I thought that I did not deserve love and I was “un-loveable”. That there was always someone better, prettier, faster, more intelligent or anything else with more or –er in front of it. I do believe that love in its most pure and natural form is out there for me. My needs are not far-fetched, I want somebody that knows he wants to be with me with all that comes with it. However I pass for just anybody. I know what I want but more importantly I know what I need. Not only for relationships but for my life as a whole. My needs are to be grounded & balanced, have an amazing time, if someone connects with me and wants to join me on this journey, come and join me. If not, I am happy to continue by myself.

So, even though I am where I am and my life does not meet perfect on that “old-fashioned”-view on the relationship-scale. I am more than content. I am surrounded by amazingly inspiring friends (some close some further away), I work hard, I smile, stay healthy, surf and try to be the best version of me. There is no biological clock that is capable to take that away from me or detour me with thoughts that I should do anything differently. Because I believe that stuff (yes just really stuff) happens for a reason. That we are on this earth just to follow the path that it has lined up for us and mine just doesn’t direct me into a boring relationship settling for less just because I hit an age where I am supposed to ensure that I don’t miss the family-boat. With my full soul, I believe that, that somebody is there. It will only not be just anybody.


I AM……. (an exercise for all)

I am different.

I live and chase my passions, even though there are many and the one that tops the list always changes.

I love the search even though it might not be out there.

I am critical, impatient and have a short fuse.

I am funny, creative, enthusiastic and loyal.

I am insecure and smart.

I am loving and a true romantic.

I am an aquaholic and a go-getter.

I don’t like people that complain, but I like people that live their downs and talk about it.

I hold grudges as I am not to good at forgiving.

I am learning.

I am inspiring to and inspired by others.

I have a constant dialogue in my head, and I fail to be happy where I should be.

I live hard to be happy and find “it”.

I am too hard on myself.

I live outside the circle, inside the circle is boring to me.

I am energetic and enjoy people.

I love to love but will not search for it.

I love being by myself but prefer sharing.

There is lots to love, stuff not to like, as I am not perfect.



Tuesday Tunes – Yes I Will

We seriously love our soulful-funky tunes to get the day started. The other day, a friend took me out to the sunday Fremantle (aka Freo) market and we ended up at the infamous Sail & Anchor. While having a drink and looking down the balustrade to watch the street artists, this song hit my ear-drums. In a second I jumped up, ran to the bartender and got introduced the the song that is currently on repeat for a whole day. Electric Empire reminds me of Good Ol’ Stevie and create heaps more funky, soulful and happy tunes besides “Yes I Will”. So that’s it. Enjoy.

Tuesday Tunes – Pantera

There are numerous ways to get stoked to surf and one of my favourite pre-surf routines is listen to music. One tune that tops my playlist is Pantera from Kartell. It is such a mellow almost deep house song that you can just not not be stoked to get salty. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy it.

Shifting The Balance

Surfing challenges you, it keeps you sane, it is an addiction but it can be intimidating and scary as well. While living in Bali, I met numerous girls that experience the same challenge: “How can I get over that fear to surf and enjoy bigger waves?”.

The last couple of weeks I have put myself out there, and I get it. The fact is that when you first start surfing the balance between the fear of big waves and the fun you get out of these bigger ones, is completely off. You are intimidated, get smashed, sit out in the line up like an extra in a movie and then you get smashed again. There is clearly more fear than fun. But what I noticed is that by getting paddling out for a more intimidating wave and learning from that experience, this balance is shifting. It is far more fun to surf bigger waves than small ones. You just have heaps of more wave to play with.

So it is about shifting that balance to fun from fear. Each time you paddle out and sit out in the back you will progress. First you just sit and watch. The next time you will start paddling for waves and unavoidably will endure a couple of wipe-outs and take some on the head. This is where you learn that you will be all right. And before you know it, you will have your first bigger wave. And once you get that one, the balance will start shifting. Fear will become far more inferior to the fun you will have with each big wave you take off on. It is just a matter of knowing that you will be ok en enjoy the ride.


The Life We Enjoy Living

This is what we do and what we live for. We travel, we explore, we experience and live life to the fullest. That is what being a wandering soul is all about. It is not something you become, it is not a profession, it is a desire and feeling deeply rooted in our veins. You can not escape it, you have to follow that new adventure that takes you to new places where you meet the most inspiring people.

Have a look yourself at this epic video and don’t be too much misguided by the title. This whole video is about the life we enjoy living.

Return to Our Playground

How good does it feel when you can finally hit the water again after an agonising month of reef cut and double ear infection recovery. Sorry for all of those that had to cope with our withdrawal symptoms. We reckon we did ok but definitely suffered from a returning decrease in positivity. Sometimes we really felt as if it was almost meant to be happening to us, that our lesson from this month of discontinuing the activity that we love so much, is that we should remain patient and take good care of ourselves. We never thought that we could miss salty hair, sunny cheeks and awesome waves so much but we truly truly did.

But we returned to our playground and enjoying every second.